Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Heart Day!

For Heart Day, H and I mixed it up a little bit. I'm not big on flowers, especially $50 one's that die in a week.....and I don't like chocolate heart day is hard on H.

We decided this year, since we are living close to my fam now, to take my grandparents out for Valentines Day. They have been married for 63 years!! 63 YEARS!!! That deserves dinner!

One of my all time fav restaurants is Purple Parrot in Hattiesburg. Robert St. John (who has been featured on the Food Network) owns the joint. It's SwAnKy!

Meet Mom-O and Pop:
Can you tell that Mom-o isn't a member of PETA with her fur jacket??

They are so funny!! H and Mom-O talked football over dinner. Their convo went something like this.

H: Mom-O, I still don't know why you didn't pull for the Saints?? They're the home team.

Mom-o: Well, H, they played dirty against Brett. I really like Brett. He shouldn't have been tackled so hard playing against the Saints.

H: well, you should be mad at Brett's teammates for not covering him very well.

Mom-O: well, the Saints still shouldn't have hit him that hard.

That convo MADE my Valentines!! And that's why I want to be Mom-O when I grow up!

When I was little (i.e. 4th grade), Mom-o threw a Valentine's party for her grandchildren! We all walked in her kitchen just to see that cupid had thrown up EVERYWHERE!!! She had pink and red streamers from the light fixture, balloons are our place setting, individual cupcakes, a heart shaped cake as the centerpiece, flowers, gifts, confetti and on and on. I have NEVER forgotten that!! Ah! It was WONDERFUL!! So, during dinner, Mom-o asked what she and Pop did to deserve dinner at Purple Parrot......I replied that I was simply paying her back for throwing the party years ago, and that Valentine's Day next year was on her!

Just Look at PRECIOUS Pop!! Also, notice the pretty tie his is sporting. Christmas courtesy of the Jones'. He told me that he was wearing it because he was eating with us!! Hahah.....

Me and my Valentine of 2.5 years. (Just a ways from 63 years!)

Me and precious Mom-O:

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