Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Break.

Christmas felt very rushed this year.

And what is sad is that I didn't take the first picture with my big camera at H's family Christmas or Christmas with my "big" family. Sad. 

I did manage to snap some pics of the projects that I worked on during the break.

I'm not real good at taking before and after pics. I normally remember my camera or phone while I'm standing on a bar stool with a paint brush in my hand and wienie dogs are barking at me because they think we are playing a game!

Anyway, I painted a wall in our bedroom grey. I wanted an accent wall.....and I'm now contemplating painting the rest of the room grey as well.


Midway through:

 Final Product:

So- I found this "super easy" bathroom mirror update on Pinterest.
It looks simple. 
And it was easy....until....I needed some tile to be cut.

Problem: we don't own a tile saw.

And we have 3 mirrors in our bathroom that connect together.
So, only 1/3 of my mirror is tiled.

We are classy rednecks. Don't judge. I have since removed the blue tape.

We (really, H) painted the garage. It needed painting.....and therefore we he did. It looks 100% better. Next stop in the garage....... epoxying the floor. 

I also painted a wall in our bathroom. I could not find the perfect green, so I mixed 2 colors together.

Living on the edge people, I'm living on the edge. 

I plan on repainting the rest of the bathroom a tan color, but, I've slipped back into a lazy spell.

Next stop: hang a chandelier over the tub. I forgot to ask for one for Christmas.  

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