Monday, August 22, 2016

Hello From Madison!

Hey there Frands! 

I would like to say that I promise to regularly blog now that we are moved in our new house, but, I don't like to lie. 

Do you know what I think about moving?? 

I think it sucks. 

Y'all! This is no joke at my age and with a tiny toddler tornado. 

All I do is just move stuff from one room to another. Then, I rearrange furniture just to move it back the exact way it was. 

Because we all know I love some bullet points- here ya go!

1- Jax is adjusting so well to the new house and his new big boy bed. He has only fallen out once, but he was so tired that he just fell and then fell asleep on the floor. 

2- Our neighbors are great! We have random playdates that do my soul so much good! Every time we walk outside, Jax begs to go to a neighbors house. 

3- Thank goodness, Oscar Mayer the Weenie Dog doesn't have anxiety with the move. I think he was so ready to get away from my parents crazy cat and loud happy dogs that he welcomed the move. (during one of our moves, the pup had to be put on an anti-depressant. kid you not. my dog was depressed)

4- Sweet Heavens to Betsy- everything is so close. I think everything is 10 minutes from our house. It's not, but I like to think we are that close to everything. 

5- I'm learning my new grocery shopping routine. I miss my Kroger in Laurel where they would special order items for me. Here in Madison, there is the BIG greek castle Kroger, then a smaller one across the interstate and one in Ridgeland. I think I'm breaking up with BIG Greek Castle simply due to the size and the fact they are out of everything on my list. Kid you not, I had to go to all 3 Krogers just for coffee. People. Ain't nobody got the time for that when you are hauling around a toddler

6- The girls of Madison are beyond nice. BEYOND! Everywhere I go and I tell someone that I just moved here, they give me their phone #. I met the sweetest stranger in the grocery store, and we laughed until we cried on the spice aisle. She had moved, and I had just moved and we were lamenting over the size of Kroger. It warmed my heart so much. 

7- Unpacking a house is for the birds. We have so much shizzle. SO.MUCH. I've already taken 5 loads of stuff to The Goodwill. 

8- Jax has been a trooper through all of this. That poor buddy has been hauled all around Jackson while I look for and buy up furniture and lamps and rugs. Then, return them. Kid you not, I bought him a bunt cake from 'Nothing Bunt Cakes' as a prize for him to eat while I pilled up 2 buggies at Hobby Lobby. 

9- My little piggy baby has turned into a picky toddler. The kid will be eating veggies out of a squeezable pouch when he is 10! My only saving grace with Jax's eating is the fact he can eat unlimited snacks from his shelf in the pantry. 
(He has his own little shelf in our pantry). His little snacks are veggie squeezables, bananas, crackers, apple sauce and I keep fruit in the fridge for him. If the little rascal isn't going to eat the meals that he asks for, I will at least control his snacks. Since moving, he has warmed up to mac-n-cheese. 

10- I'm so delighted to meal plan and cook for my little family again. I carved out an hour and menu planned through September. I cook almost every night. Some nights when I want a fancy salmon dinner, I'll feed Jax his organic hotdog at 6pm, put him to bed, and then H and I enjoy our adult dinner that doesn't involve ketchup. 

11- Our play dates at the pool result in this: a kid that is so warn out that he falls asleep while eating his popcorn snack.  Moms for the win! 

12- H judges a cook based on their ability to make corn bread. When this happened........I 'dropped the mic' and I may have said 'BOOM!' out loud. 

13- Life is good, but it is different and busier than we would have ever imagined. Between school, our jobs, play dates, unpacking, church shopping and renovations, we are nuts and don't plan on leaving for a road trip until Thanksgiving. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ramblings From Sand Hill.

It's currently 12:30 am and I'm the only soul awake in the house. This is the only alone time I get during the day. If we are friends in real life, you know I need some alone time. 

So, we have been cohabiting with mom and dad since June 15th. Here's some things I've observed: 

1- They have noticed my little online shopping addiction......and they are worried. I've met their UPS and FedEx drivers. Oddly enough, they are both named Randy, and they are super super nice. I actually apologized to UPS Randy one day for all of the deliveries he is making and moms house even offered him some sweet tea. I just LOVE Amazon Prime.......and any other company that offers free shipping. 

2- Jax has separation anxiety now and needs a full account of where everyone is at all times. We go over everyone's location while he is on the potty, in the bath tub and when he is about to go to sleep. Now that we are in full on potty training, I generally tell him they are pooping in the potty. 

3- Mom and Dad eat bacon every morning. Which is probably where I get my love for the bacon. And my sweet child has picked up on the love as well. And apparently he has picked up some bad habits too! 

4- Oscar HATES HATES HATES living in the country. He hates mom and dads crazy guard dog, Spicy and he especially hates my brother's squirrel dog, Rocky. If anyone is ready to move's Oscar. Oscar generally sleeps 22 hours a day. Since our move, that has been cut in half and he is GRUMPY. 

5- Potty training your kid while at the grandparents house is comical. It's almost nonexistence. There's no potty training book for living at the grandparents house. 

6- Jax is around 3 adults all day long. And the stinker is picking up words and calling people by their first name now. During his night time roll call, he asked "where Brent go"?

Ummmmm......kid. Can we not call Paw Paw by his first name?!?

7- Big Buddy Jax wants to sleep in my bed. I'm torn somewhere between "of course I wanna snuggle with my baby" and "get in your own bed kid.........mama's tired." Jax will get a new big boy room when we move in our new house. That will include a big boy I'm sorta justifying him sleeping in my bed as "sleep training" for his new bed. I know it's crazy.......but I love my monkey and he's only little once. 

8- Big buddy works the system. If I say no, he makes sure Granna isn't around and then he will ask her for it. If that's a no go.......then his back up plan is Paw-Paw. That plan works 100% of time  and mom and I get Vetoed. 

9- Every weekend is a vacation for Jax. Since moving in with mom and dad, we have gone to the beach, Birmingham, Mobile, Eastern Shore and Madison. Once we move, Jax will expect a road trip during the weekend........but H and I have already declared that we will not leave our home until Christmas. 

10- Sand Hill is a much slower pace......which I welcome with open arms right now. I've introduced mom to Prime Pantry and the fact you can have organic pop tarts delivered right to your door by a sweet man named Randy that's a little apprehensive about the weenie dog, squirrel dog and sweet little mutt. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Madison: Ready or Not, here we come!

This is the blog post that I have sorta dreaded typing out.

I'm so conflicted in with my emotions that I've decided to just put my head my head in the sand.

Just stay with me as I type it all out here. I'm using this post as my therapy session because Lord knows, I don't have time for a session!!

The Joneses are moving.

We are leaving our humble (and thankfully sold) abode and moving to Madison........but not before a little month and a half detour to Sand Hill first.

This move has been going on for months now, but I have been in denial until now. There's just something about having strangers pack up your belongings that make it real for you.

Our closest friends and family have known about the move.....but they also knew NOT to bring it up to me unless I talked about it first. I have been a delicate flower on the moving subject. Again, I'm using this post as my therapy session.

I LOVE Laurel. And our home. And the cows in our backyard. And the majority of our neighbors (side note- NEVER join your neighborhood FB group. It will make you realize that you live amongst crazy people with too much time on their hands). I never wanted to leave the home that baby Jax was brought home from the hospital to. Or the home where we created the perfect nursery for him. Where he learned to crawl....and walk.....I need to end this paragraph now, otherwise, I will have to get my baby out of his bed and rock him. 

H has tried to console me on all of the reasons that I don't want to leave our home......and he does have some valid points, but y'all. 

If you know me in real life, you know I don't like change. I mean, HECK, I don't even like changing the sheets on our bed much less homes, neighborhoods and cities! The fitted sheet is of the devil

Laurel is my comfort zone. It's where my people are. It's where Jax's friends are. It's the only place that he has called home. Someone please come and refill my wine glass here. 

I'll admit though, moving to Madison isn't that bad. When I throw myself a pity party, H will start naming towns in MS that I need to be thankful that we are not moving to. I get his point, but sometimes I just need to plan/host and be the star of my pity party.

Buying our new home has been the most comical adventure we have ever had. This is our 4th home to purchase and our 2nd one to have comical drama. We have a great realtor that has listened to our every want/need/wish........but, we wanted to make his life easier (and let's admit, a little more pleasant) we did a lot of research and driving around on our own. We have been traveling to Madison for weeks marking off and highlighting subdivisions that we are interested in. If you have ever traveled to Madison, you know there are 239,938 subdivisions. Heaven help us now.

First trip to Madison was used to secure Jax a new school.
The very first school we pulled in the parking lot of, we pulled right out of but quicker.

The next 2 schools were ok, but I didn't feel it.

The last school was the winner. As my heart was starting to realize it, I felt the tears coming on......and y'all.....I couldn't stop them. I started crying the ugly cry to the point that strangers were hugging me and handing me tissues. At one point, as the tears are still flowing, I had to hug a girl and cry on her shoulders because she reminded me of my friend and our children's minister, Cindy.

Since that episode, when I call Jax's new school, I simply refer to myself as "the crazy lady who cried during a 2 hour tour of a 1 hallway school." I had to see every room. I wanted to meet everyone. I couldn't leave without a peace of mind. 

At Jax's school in Laurel, on his first day, I had to trust complete strangers to watch and protect my 3 month old baby. Within less than a week, I grew to LOVE LOVE his infant teachers. They loved on him to the point I cried when he moved to the 1 year old class. I then wondered if I would like those teachers and questioned if Jax would like them, etc. Of COURSE they are the best and my child asks about them after school and on the weekends! One of the teachers even babysits him and he will wake up asking for his "Mimi"! THAT is what I was looking for in his new school. I need him to be loved on that much. Thank goodness, I think we found it.

On trip #2 to Madison, right after we asked Jax what he thought about moving to a new house, he opened his mouth and vomited everything he had eaten since birth.

Awesome, kid.


Mom didn't bring extra clothes.

I did the only thing I knew to do. I called our honorary grandparents in Madison and said "we are on our way! Meet us in your yard with the water hose, we will explain when we get there!" I had to laugh to keep from crying. After that fiasco, I bought onesies from Kroger and Jax wore one home that wasn't snapped due to him being too big for them.

Trip #3, 4, 5, and 6.....we looked at homes that we really didn't like. I can't tell you the number of conversations that H and I had like this:

H: did you like that house?
Me: no.
H: why not?
Me: it just didn't feel right.
H: was it the colors, or their crazy furniture, or the neighborhood?
Me: it just didn't feel like home. Show me something else.

I finally said.....just buy a house. Just buy a house and text me the address. Surprise me. I'm checking out of this process.

In the middle of house hunting, my dad had a hip replacement. The geezer is recovering so well......but on the day of surgery, it's a little nerve racking when it's your dad.

The nurses called our family to go meet dad in his recovery room. As that was taking place, H called me and told me NOT to go with my family because he needed to talk to me right then. Immediately. Mucho important.

Ummmmm.......H....this betta' be good. I'm ready to see dad. And ask him important questions while he's drugged up. 

My convo with H was pretty much:

H: How's your dad? Ok great. Listen. I just sent you an email. Look at this house. Look at it with your mom. Think long and hard, but make it quick on if you like this house. It meets all of our needs for our family. It has everything on our check list. I'm looking at it this afternoon and then I want to make an offer on it.

Me: Holy Smokes. I need to sit down. Ya' know what........just buy it.

H: Really?!?

Me: I like all of the small thumbnail photos that I can see on my phone. Really. Just go buy it. Let's do this.

H: Are you stealing meds from your dad?

Me: not yet.......but you better believe I'm about to ask the nurse for a little water cup of valium.

4 hours later, H put an offer on the house. 12 hours later, we are under contract. 2 days later, I see it in person for the first time.

I have never been on a blind date before. I can only imagine the crazy emotions you have leading up to meeting someone that you may or may not like and sizing them up on a first impression. Seeing our new home for the first time was like my blind date.

By the time we left our new home after doing our walk though, I stood in the front yard and cried. I'm sure the neighbors were like "Awesome! We are trading normal people for this crazy crew."

We do not close on our new home until the end of, thankfully, we are moving in with my parents. I had a little family meeting with mom and dad to set the ground rules:

1- don't feed my child sugar. 
2- Jax isn't on vacay. He goes to bed at 7:15pm still. 
3- Mama makes the rules......not Granna......because generally, Granna doesn't have rules.....which is why we need rules. 

Mom and Dad are so happy about this they have agreed to the above rules. Poor Jax and Oscar have NO CLUE what's going on. 

Due to our crazy summer schedule......I'm ready to move now. I think God did all of this on purpose so I'll be ready and excited to move. I see what he did there......and I appreciate it. 

Madison: Ready or we come. In a month and a half. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Baby Buddy Turns 2!

I no longer have a baby. 

I have a tiny tornado toddler. 

2 years ago at this time (time as in the time I'm typing this), I was in full on labor prepping to start pushing out a baby......or so we thought. As I'm sure you remember from my labor blog post, big buddy's head was HUGE and I had a section at midnight. 

2 years later, sweet buddy is asleep in his bed after reading 4 books to himself by the light of his bug flashlight. 

It's funny and extremely sad how fast the time has gone by. 

To catch up on all thats Jax, here's some bullet points (you know I love a good list) that I don't want to forget. And let's be real here.....this is essentially his baby book. 

- Jax LOVE LOVE LOVES Paw Patrol. He will ask to watch "Chase on Case" literally the moment he wakes up. 

- When he asks me to "turn light on" he really means for me to pull open his curtains that are closed. 

- He's obsessed with a good juice box. He calls them "juice bot"

- He thinks Oscar Mayer the weenie dog is out to get him. 

- All bites and bo bo's are "ant bite bites" and they all require "medzine"....which is generally a baby dropper with water or juice in it. 

- He wears a true 2t in most clothes and a 3t in pjs due to his man size gut. 

- Thank goodness, he is starting to snuggle again. He went through a phase where he didn't want to sit in our, thankfully, he will sit in my lap again and watch a "moo bee"

- While out shopping, my secret weapon is his iPad...... his "pad pad." He is so enamored by it that he only gets to use it in public places where we want to enjoy the food or think. 

- Prior to his birthday party, we practiced for a solid week at blowing out a candle. I bet we used up a box of matching prepping for the day. 

- He loves to sing his blessing for dinner, and with each plate of additional food. He wants to ensure every bite is accounted for with Jesus. 

Jaxon Riley-

Today you are 2. You are the greatest accomplishment in my life. I love your smile, your tight hugs and your sweet sweet kisses. I melt when you yell "mommmeee"! Your excitement for life and trucks make me cry and thank God that he chose me to be your mom. It's my daily prayer that God molds me into the mother that you need. You have a tender heart and you are jealous when your dad hugs and kisses me. You generally tell him "No! Dat's my mommmeee!" You are learning new words and phrases everyday that crack us up. You think every situation is a crisis and you yell "mommmeee help!"  You have a curious spirit and you need to find out for yourself. You simply will not take my word. You are stubborn, and so loveable, and funny. You LOVE to laugh and have us cheer you on. When you are in trouble, your feelings are easily hurt. Time out is effective for you (for now). You LOVE "prizes" even if they are M&M's or a coloring book. 

Happy Birthday baby boy. My baby you will always be. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me.

Apparently, I've been writing the following post since my birthday, which happened on April 27th. I had goals for this post.....but it just didn't happen. 

I'm so thankful to see another birthday year. 

I'm thankful that I was able to spend the day with my tiny human and celebrate small sweet moments during the day. 

Our day pretty much went like this:

7am- Jax woke up and said "Mommy, cha cha cha". When we sing the birthday song in this house, we sing it with "cha cha cha" in it to make it funnier for Jax. Apparently, he and H had been practicing. 

7:15 am- snack #1 commenced. 

7:17 am- snack #2 commenced. 

We enjoyed the rain and the snuggles and the little nap we took together while it thundered outside. Sometimes I have to play dead so Jax will close his eyes too. While I was playing asleep, Jax opened his little blanket and covered me with it. I.Almost.Lost.It. 

Is that not the sweetest thing ever?!? I love the fact that his little heart is taking shape and he enjoys serving others. Granted his classmates may not appreciate some of his gratitude or his love language of biting.......but he can be sweet. 

This birthday was really weird for me. 

By NO MEANS was it bad, it was just weird. H was on a business trip so it was just me, the weenie dog and little buddy. There wasn't any cake, or candles or confetti. Just me and little buddy who would randomly say "cha cha cha" through out the day. (For the record, we did celebrate as a family while in Orlando for vacay). 

I ended up ordering a watch and a Olay face cleaner from Amazon. I wanted a new watch and I though....."what the heck, I mean, it's my birthday and it was an 'add on item.' "   THAT is a clear example of what living on the edge is when you are older. 

Nothing makes you feel your age quite like ordering beauty products on your birthday all because Amazon recommended them.  

So, after my birthday, we a had a beautiful family wedding to attend. And then after the wedding was our family vacation to Orlando. 

Orlando should probably be a post on it's own, but let's be real, if I don't type it out now there's a good chance it will never be typed out. 

Here's some things that we learned/observed while on vacation:

1. Our sweet child will last exactly 9 hours in the car. After that 9th hour, he will cry and scream and beg for things you can not provide him with at the moment. Examples of what he may ask for: 'a paw-paws house' or a 'juice bot' or he will request to binge watch 'Chase on Case' which is actually Paw Patrol. While watching said cartoon, he will then cry for 'op orn'. We learned that hours 1-9 with him in the car is very pleasant. It's just the last hour. It will kill you. Slowly. At 60 miles per hour. 

2. When staying in Orlando (or doing Seaworld/Disney), stay in a condo off property. We had so much room and enjoyed the washer/dryer which allowed us to come home with our suit cases full of CLEAN clothes. Traffic in Orlando was AMAZING! It took 3 minutes to get everywhere. 

3. When traveling with kids, do not even worry about researching the culinary delights in the town you will be staying in. You will end up just using the "Chick-A-La" app on your phone. And you will eat a lot of snacks. 

4. Orlando really doesn't have any culinary delights outside the parks property. The town has a LOT of chinese and chain food restaurants. But, we happened to stumble upon Johnnie's Hideaway on our last night and LOVED IT! They had a 2 man band that Jax danced to and the food was amazing! We just kept ordering more and more food due to Jax loving the atmosphere and my creme brûlée. That booger bear kept calling it pudding and scooping out spoonfuls. 

5. Our ninja turtle would rather go to a pool than a Disney park......which is sad to find out AFTER you purchase your tickets, drive 9 hours and make him an Animal Kingdom shirt. 

6. Jax called the hot tub the "hot pool" and now he thinks his bubble baths are "hot pools." Oh, and the stink will cry and beg to get in a "hot pool" after the 9th hour in the car. 

Seaworld was defiantly the highlight of this cool kid's trip.......until he pooped his pants in the middle of the splash pad. 

There are a few things that Jax does that is spot on to my personality. However, out of the 3 things we have in common, people watching and our lack of face filter is our #1 similarity. We have NO FACE FILTER. 

I give you.....Exhibit A:

Due to his height (or really lack there of), he could only ride 1 "roller coaster" while at Disney. I set up front so I could take sweet pictures like this.......

Lard! The character lunches will make the mama bear come out in you. You want your kid to get as much face time and pictures to get your monies worth. 

We had a great time and celebrated my birthday a few times during the week. And Mother's Day. 

Next vacation: the beach with a "hot pool" and hopefully some culinary delights. And more appliquéd shirts. And no 9 hour drive. And more memories with my boys. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday.


It's me again. 

I'm totally nailing the whole "blog once a month" thing. 

In no particular yet completely random order, here are my thoughts people:

1. I'm slightly addicted to Spark by Advocare. If anyone can beat Amazon's price, I'll gladly buy from you. I just love Amazon. And I enjoy a good price match. 

2. My child is coming into a little sense of humor and it's presh. Jax likes to take my sewing tape measure and measure his big noggin. Incase you are wondering, he still has a large head. It's so large that my curiosity got the best of me and I just HAD to measure it. His head is only 4" smaller than H's.

 4" smaller and a 30 year difference. 

Side note: after I birthed big buddy, I asked my Dr. if I would be able to have a V-back with additional children. He responded with a big fat no and reminded me my child's head was in the 98 percentile BEFORE he was born. 

3. Daylight savings time is kicking me so hard this year. Y'all. I take PITY on all of my career mama friends. You ladies are my hero. THANK GOODNESS H worked from home the Monday after Day Light Savings. That sweet man of mine allowed me to sleep in until 8am!

8 am. I woke up like I had been out partying all night at The Hunt Club in Starkville back in 2005. When I opened our bedroom door, I saw my baby was dressed for school and was eating his breakfast, H had my coffee brewed and bagels were in the toaster. 

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or just hug them both. 
It was like a tv show or an out of body experience. I mean, isn't it every mother's dream to sleep in AND her normal morning routine still stay on track?!?

So I thanked my man with a big dinner. And I thanked my little monkey with some new socks and a bag of m&m's. It doesn't  take much for either. I'm quite fond of my minimalist men. 

4. Jaxon Riley. There are some days that kid is so good that it makes me scared to have another child and question if they will give me a run for my IVF money. Then, other days, I'm like......"yeah, this child is slowly killing me, there's no way I can keep up with another human being."

5. My sweet Diva Darling grandmother, Mom-O was in the hospital. I spent the better part of a day hanging out with her in her hospital room. Here are actual conversations we had:

"No Mom-O, I'm not bringing you fried chicken.You are on a special diet."

"Mom-O, it's ok if your toenails are not painted. Just put your feet under the covers and no one will notice."

"Fox news may effect your blood pressure Mom-O. Why don't we turn the channel."

That wild woman also told me that it would be ok if I trimmed some of the fringe off my new shirt. 

Mom-O has some of the sweetest friends that I love as if they are my own grandmother. I have known these ladies my whole life. One of Mom-O's friends stopped by to visit and made her put on lipstick. I stepped back and watched and wondered if my friends will bring lipstick to me when I'm 86?!? 

She wanted us to make sure that her dogs were fed twice a day. I'm all over here like 'Oscar is lucky if Jax feeds him.' 

While on the phone with H giving him an update on Mom-O, I hear Jax screaming in the background. Apparently Oscar literally took food out of his hands during dinner. Drama rama. Everyday. 

6. Did you know that you can buy scented toilet paper?!?! 

I can't even. 

It's the absolute best. I've never considered myself a diva......I can generally make do with whatever......but now......well, now I need scented toilet paper. I totally bought it on accident and now it's a staple in our house. 

7. Apparently I grind my teeth at night and it bothers my bed buddy. So, while in Walmart, he bought a sports mouth guard. Then, he boiled some water and placed said mouth guard in water. Afterwards, he interrupted a monogramming session and asked me to form my mouth to the guard. Then, when I went to bed, it was nicely placed on my nigh stand. I don't know if I should laugh or just talk to my dentist about this. I guess grinding your teeth isn't as bad as snoring?!?!?

8. My child has had 6 birthday parties to attend within 2 weekends! How does a little human being who as only been on planet Earth for a year and a half know so many people to attend parties for?!? However, this kid of mine eats it up like he does birthday cake! He loves a good party. 

9. Easter pics. 

I'm a sucker for a front porch photo session before church. 

Let me preface this by saying: H DOES NOT TAKE GOOD PHOTOS! 

I think it does it on purpose so I don't ask him to take photos. 

Remember the Christmas photos he took on Christmas Eve? If not, click here. 

I digress, I snapped this one. 
I captured both buddies, their outfits and part of the fern that's alive and thriving. 

H took this photo:

You see the foyer lamp, no fern, no arm, no legs for Jax and no legs for me. 

I was like: HUNTER! You didn't even get my LEGS!
Am I wearing a dress? Or is it a skirt? Or is it pants? could be some shorts! For the record, it was pants because we had to keep the church nursery on Easter. 

2 things need to be noted here. 
#1- Everyone goest to the Easter service. AND everyone brings their kids. 
#2- After we got in the car, we decided to push back having another baby until we forget some of the memories from Sunday. 

Kid you not (see what I did there?), at one point I was wearing rubber gloves. At another point, I was explaining that just because a cookie broke in half doesn't mean that you need a new one. And at another point, I was walking the halls of the church with a kid because she said that she "needed a break." 

In all fairness thought, I did just want another baby so I can dress them in monogrammed Feltman and Paty gowns. I may have asked Jax today if he wants mommy to have a baby.......and without even giving it a thought, he said NOOOO!!! 


10. I really don't have anything else to blog about, but I didn't want 9 bullet points. 9 seems weird to me. Obviously not to the Duggars though. 

This sweetness is so funny and absolutely loved his loot from the Easter Bunny! The bunny may have brought some vitamins, bubble bath and bandaids! I love a practical bunny that just leaves the candy in the pantry hidden away. 

Next blog post, Easter recap. 

At this rate, you will be reading about it in July. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday.

Hello Intranet.

I bet you think I've forgotten about you. But.....I haven't.

My sweet little buddy and my monogram machine have been kicking my booty.
(and I'm thankful for both)

Here's some life updates:

-Jax is cutting his last 4 teeth. LARD! Why can't teething be easy?!?

-His new favorite thing is to wake up at 4 am and get in the bed with us. Then request to watch "a moo bee" and have us pop him some "op orn." We never comply with his request.

- It's February and my 2016 planner is already falling apart at the seams. Don't judge me when I just Duck tape it back together. It would take me a year to move all of my notes over from this planner to another one. So, I think I'll just stick with what I have right now.

- Last week, South Central mailed me a refund check for over paying on my account. In the same mail, there was a past-due letter telling me I need to in fact pay on my account. Because they caught me in a weak moment where I didn't want to pick up the phone, I decided to just cash the check. I figured I could sort it out on Monday.

- I said "no" to adding 2 things to my life calendar this week. I really thought I would have guilt about it, however, it was very liberating and freeing. 

- Did everyone else think the Superbowl was a little 'blah' this year. I was more interested in the food than anything else. Being a PR major, I can't tell ya how many times I've had to write a paper on the dang commercials during the Superbowl. I try to purposely tune them out now. Otherwise, the people sitting beside me would have to listen to me analyze the hidden agenda, subliminal message, the color scheme, music selection and PR theories that may or may not have absolutely nothing to do with the making of the actual commercial. 

- I mopped the kitchen floor yesterday. Jax purposely spilled his juice a mere hour later. I then begged and pleated for a house keeper again. It's like I jinx myself ANYTIME I clean! 

Mop the floor = toddler spills drink
Wash the rugs = dog pees on rugs
Vacuum the carpet = husband has muddy shoes and tracks on floor
Clean up the junk pile in the kitchen = lose cable bill
Shampoo carpet = dog throws up in the middle of the night

Am I solo in this area? Am I the only one with bad luck when they clean house? Or ADD? While I'm cleaning, I see 248,392 other areas that need attention and I try to clean them all at the same time. Then, I forget what I'm REALLY suppose to be cleaning!! 

Am I sweeping the floors or the cobwebs? Am I polishing the stainless steal appliances or the grout in the kitchen floor? 

- Reporting good news now, Scandal and Grey's Anatomy are BACK!!!! While I realize I'm the last remaining Grey's fan, I'm so excited! It's like a Mama "moo bee" Night! 

Happy Thursday!