Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Happy Birthday Dad! Sorry we can not be there for your birthday party......but, it's Grey's Night! :)


The older I become, I realize more and more how lucky I have always been to have you as my father and friend. Thanks for giving me (and Nathan) the kind of love and friendship that makes a difference all throughout my life. You have given me countless advice (even when I didn't ask), provided a Christian home to grow up in and a life I wouldn't trade for anything.
I love you and Happy Birthday!

I have to admit, I am a big fan of David Letterman's top ten I thought, how appropriate to give dad his own top ten list! So, here we go.......

Top Ten Favorite Moments with Dad
10. Leaving my 1st day of Kindergarten with Dad (he didn't make me stay)
9. Wearing the TV Halloween costume that Dad made for me.
8. "Helping" dad do my science fair project.
7. Riding 4-wheelers and go-carts with Dad.
6. Double Dating with Dad and Mom (yes, I got to date while I was 15, but with mom and dad!)
5. Hugging my dad after my high school graduation.
4. Reading my letter ("The Journey") from dad for my college graduation
3. Hearing dad say that he liked Hunter and knew he was "the one."
2. Boating with Dad and the family.
1. Dad walking me down the aisle during my wedding.
Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!!
-- Hunter, Meg and Oscar

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! It's so much fun! Can't wait to keep my updates on the Jones's!