Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Should Not Be Allowed to Blog!

I started off strong with the whole blog thing.....and wow, have I took a turn for the worst!

It would make me feel better if I catch up on everything before the holidays! I feel that I will have much to blog about from 2 different Christmas'.

Here are some pics from "Family Christmas." Me, Mary and Katie call it that because we are unofficially family. We have been friends for......well, let's not give away age here......

Here is Katie (almost Wells).....being dramatic with her Christmas gift...I think she is practicing for all of her upcoming wedding showers!

Jones Family Christmas Card for 2009???

Our 2009 "Family Christmas" minus Jeremie.....(Katie's soon to be hubby)

The Three Musketeers.....each girl now has a ring.....Katie was engaged before Thanksgiving....and Mary was just engaged last night!! YIPPEE!! Two weddings in 2009!
Mary.....let's really think about using the same bridesmaid dresses that Katie is using! :)

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