Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Honey Butter

This is a recipe that Paula Deen makes, however, it was Kristy Riley that put me on to this! I ABSOLUTELY love it and could even eat it without toast! (I's sad b/c it's butter, but I LOVE it). I am sure there are exact measurements to this somewhere, but, I am just an "eyeball" girl. When it comes to cooking, I just eyeball all of my ingredients. I attribute this to my grandmother.....who fries bacon before she cooks her green beans, and still adds butter to it! YUMMIE!!!

Honey Butter
(3) heaping spoonfuls of butter out of the tub
(1) good squirt of honey, you can add more for taste
a couple of dashes of cinnamon

Then, just spread it over bread, french toast, pancakes, bagels and such....

(I made this yesterday, which is why it is fresh on my mind. Plus, I had 2 pieces of toast with it this morning....and yesterday morning! :)

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  1. just happened upon your blog!! how are yall doing??? do yall still go to Crosspoint and to life group? sorry so many questions call me sometime