Monday, August 24, 2009

Home Sweet Home...

Some of my readers (all two of you) have been wanting to see pics of our new home.....well, here 'ya go. It took long enough for me to clean house and take these pics! I still need to post pics of our bedroom and bathroom.....however, H got in bed before I could hit click on the camera.

Living Room

White House Dining Room

Guest Room

Oops!! Here's Oscar! He thought I was crazy for taking pics!! Please notice his feather down pillow!! He wraps himself up in the blankets like this!!

Disclaimer: the mums in this pic were planted soon after the pic! :)

Come and visit us!!


  1. Oh Meg I LOVE it! The new furniture is beautiful! I knew it would be since you have such good taste!

    I want to come visit and bring sweet Sadie girl so Oscar can finally meet his girlfriend! She has a memory foam pillow she sleeps on and wraps herself in a fleece blanket too! I think these pups have their momma's taste!

    We need to catch up soon!


  2. The house is beautiful! I agree White House Dining Room. I can't wait to sleep in that Guest room - It looks so comfy! Maybe we will get to see it one day.

  3. Hey Twin! It's been a long time. The house looks great! Congrats!!