Friday, August 28, 2009


Guess who got in the tub??....with me?

That would be one Oscar Mayer the Weenie Dog.

No...I do not bathe with my dog....however, I did discover that he LOVES my big tub.

Here's how it happened. After SLAVING in the yard for an hour watering plants, I was in need of a relaxing bath with a small glass of vino.

I really could not relax while Oscar is whining and dying to stand on the ledge around my tub. No harm no foul right?? Oscar has walked around the ledge of the tub before.....granted there was not any water in the tub.

Anyway, he kept crying like a I put him up on the ledge.....he's sniffing, he's walking, he's licking some water, he's wondering around.


Oscar nose dives in the tub.

Oscar is in the tub with me.

Wet Dog.

What do you do??

I did want any normal clean person would do.....I kept shaving my legs.

I told Oscar that is he shakes while in the tub with me.....H and I would have hot dogs for dinner!

He understood.

So, I dried off Oscar and then hopped on over to the shower.

Lesson learned.


  1. Ty has come very close to hopping in the tub with me on his own. My very sweet husband has offered to help him! Anyway, Ty hasn't made it yet, but I'm sure his time will come.