Sunday, September 27, 2009

The South Will Rise Again!

I am sitting on my couch on a Sunday afternoon hearing cannons and shotguns going off every 10 seconds. Terrorist attack?? A raid on No-where-Al??


That would be a civil war re-enactment.

Yep! They really do this in Alabama. It's not just on Sweet Home Alabama.
Oh, and this gets better. This afternoon we took Oscar Mayer to take a walk in the nature trail....and a sweet southern belle in complete Gone With The Wind outfit asked us for $2 to watch the war as we were pulling into the park! Seriously!! Don't doubt me. I couldn't make this up.

On other matters: Hello World. I'm Meg. I realize I have been gone for a while. My life has been boring lately. So, I didn't want to relive my boring life by posting it to the world.

But, here's a funny crazy story for you to laugh at my life:

So, H and I have been married for 2 years (last month). We decided, well.........

I lied....

I decided that I wanted us to go and watch Grease in Birmingham. H said yes and bought the tickets. Done. They were mailed to us a few weeks ago. (the show was last night)

Well, this past week, H realized that he is going to miss a few football games due to us celebrating 2 years of marriage bliss.

On Thursday night, I overheard H talk with one of his friends about the MSU football game on this past Saturday. Here is how that convo went:

Friend: hey, are you going to the game?
H: No...I won't be able to make it.
Friend: Why not?
H: Well, I have to go to B-ham to take care of some family business.

I am in between rolling on the floor with laughter and scratching my head wondering if I have missed the memo for family business meeting.

I then asked H why he fibbed to his friend. He informed me that he didn't. He reminded me that I am family and that our business is watching a Broadway. OK- true statements. But, stretching it a tad.

H told me that no way would he tell his friends that he is missing football games to watch a Broadway show....especially when he bought the tickets. AHHH Boys!! Hope they are not reading this!! haha....I thanked H for such great blog material.

So, it's Broadway day. I'm pumped. Our plans included dinner at Cheesecake Factory before the show. I was so pumped up, I had already looked at their menu online and picked out what I wanted to order.

Shrimp Scampi
Snickers Cheesecake
Red Velvet Cheesecake "to go" (hey- it's my anniversary, I can order 2! Don't judge, I wasn't going to eat them on the same day)

Due to uncontrollable circumstances, we get to B-ham later than what we wanted. Ok-

That was such a false statement if I ever knew one.......

It was really due to my procrastination and H not being able to pull himself away from the Bama game. We were not late persay, we just didn't allow time for the 30 minute wait. So, we waited a few minutes longer before we turned in vibrater and menu and called it quits. So, we now have an hour before the show starts. P.S. the show is on the other side of town, so really that translates into 30 minutes.

We only have 30 minutes to look in each others eyes and reminess over the day we said our vows. 30 minutes to indulge in a fabulous meal and feed each other dessert and run up our tap. 30 minutes!! 30 minutes runs our options WAY DOWN!!!!

Executive decision was made: in order to make it on time, we have to do the drive-thru at Wendy's! Nothing says I love you more than I did two years ago like a foil wrapped chicken sandwich and a frosty! I literally laughed until I cried. It's our fault and we know it. In H's defense, he did call CCF and tell them we are on our way, and asked if they could they add our name to the waiting list. They said no.

Well, we made it to the show in time and it was FABULOUS!!! Taylor Hicks did a GREAT job!! So, H said in order to make it up to me for our romantic dinner at the drive-thru...he is going to buy tickets for us to see 101 Dalmatians in January!! WHOO HOO!! Lesson learned: be at dinner in your seats with menu in hand 2 hours before the show.

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