Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Favorite Christmas Memory #1

The go-cart.

I was 5 years old. What in the heck was Santa thinking!! I should have been playing with Barbies. But instead, he brought me a go-cart, with a white helment and stickers (Santa knew that I liked to accessorize).

It was 5:30am, Santa came early because dad had to go into work. Mom and dad woke up my brother and I to see what Santa had left. In the pile of presents I received, I opened my white helment and stickers. Dad then told me to open the front door where I saw my blue and red go-cart complete with lighting bolt seats and a red flag on the top (in cause you were deaf and you didn't see the lightening bolts headed to you). Of course, I wanted to take it for a spin. You can't give a 5 year old a toy then take it away, come on mom, you knew better! So, I lobbied until dad started the engine at least. Heaven on the front porch! Little did I know, it would be 12 years later until I got my 2nd set of wheels (my car).

Dad had to then go to work. So, I took my new baby with the light up bow in her head, and Nathan (my single handsome brother) grabbed his new GI Joe and piled in the water bed with mom and went back to sleep. It was 1990...don't judge my parents. Waterbeds were the Iphones in 1990.

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