Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Favorite Christmas Memory #2

Mom in her wedding dress.

Exactly one year after receiving the go-cart, Santa brought me dress up clothes. I guess he was either broke from the go-cart or wanted a less hazardous gift. Who knows??

Anyway, in my big BOX of dress up clothes, there was a wedding dress. My very own wedding dress, complete with my own elastic white veil. Magical. Somehow in the process of me changing into my wedding dress behind the Christmas tree, mom thought we should match. She goes to the linen closet and pulls out a box that has a yarn bow tied on top.

Mom then ROCKED the wedding dress on Christmas morning. She has given me hope. After birthing 2 kids, she could still fit in her dress.

While I don't have a pic of our "Mommy and me" moment, here is AB sporting my dress- up veil. After grasping that Uncle H and I were getting married, she wanted to as well.

P.S. Please notice how classy she is in the pearls.

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