Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday

  • Why am I still awake?? It's 10:15 and I'm typing with one eye open.

  • I've been keeping a big secret and I now haveto tell. And no, I'm not preggers. My baby fever came to a sudden HALT when Oscar Mayer the Wienie Dog bit me last week. I wanted to BEAT him. Then give him away. I did neither, but thought about it seriously. Anyway, my, I passed the Praxis. I can now teach in MS. No more studying at the kitchen table. No more math problems for a while. It's not real fun taking math instructions from a math genius (that would be H, not Oscar). H and I had MANY convos that involved me saying "H, if I new the answer, I wouldn't be asking you, so quit asking me questions on the question that I need help on!!" I'm so glad that I married a whiz kid. He totally helped me pass.

  • This morning I had to perform Geometry and Algebra @ 8am. It's a wonder that I even spelled my name right. I waited to the 11th hour to leave and was forced to do make-up in the car while in the drive-though line @ McDonalds. Plus I didn't shower before the test. I wanted to feel like I was in college again. You know, the whole hair in ponytail, bluejeans, t-shirt. Yeah, I rocked that this morning. I also rocked the Praxis. Again, all due to my patient tutor.

  • I bought 2 pairs of shoes yesterday. Totally didn't need them. Not even the colors that I was seeking. But, I'm a girl, and I embraced that.

  • I would like to thank Wendi very much for allowing me to shack with her in Starkville. Yes, I drove 3 hours to take a test that I could have taken just 1 hr from me. But, I'm jobless, and I needed a road trip. Anyway, Wendi.......she and I go way back. Back to Clements Avenue. She was my neighbor .......and a therapist. Totally giving God the glory for allowing my neighbor to be a therapist!! The last time I stayed with Wendi, she had just moved in her new home and I was trying to move in mine. She had boxes packed to the ceiling and hardly no furniture (it was on order). Anyway, when I walked in her home last night.......OH.MY.WORD. I walked into a Southern, Posh, Lush Home. I was totally envious of her dining room furniture. It looks like something in Traditional Home. Then, I walk in the room I would be sleeping in......GRACIOUS!! The bed had 100,000,000 pillows on it. Guess how many I slept on? 50,000,000. Yes. That is correct. Plus, I slept in the middle of the bed (a luxury you must give up once you are married. To date, this is the only downside to marriage that I see.) LARD!! It was HEAVEN. I fell asleep watching Julia Roberts describe her blush/bashful wedding to Weeizer on Steel Magnolias (I just remembered why we do not have a tv in our bedroom). Many thanks to you Wendi!!

  • I have dined out 3 times in less than 24 hours. H makes the money, I spend it on food. Is it sad that I would rather eat at a nice restaurant than go shopping?? Man! What have I become?? When I lived in Memphis, I would starve so I could shop. STARVE PEOPLE!! I would eat hot dogs, pb&j, and cereal for dinner all in the name of Coach, Cache' and Aldo. I'm a new woman now. A woman who wouldn't eat a hot dog unless at a MSU football/baseball game. A woman who buys the $3 organic milk. I no longer buy the cheap $0.78 kroger bread, but now the $3.50 whole wheat natural grain cardboard tasting bread that H likes. Cereal for dinner?? Are you kidding?? My pallet is more sophisticated now (down here in BS).


  1. Yay for passing the test!

    And, FYI, babies don't bite for at least a year so, you should get back on the baby train!

  2. Congrats again on your test! Also, I spend my budgeted entertainment money each month on eating out. Somehow food tastes better when I don't cook!