Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Birthday Recap....

On the 27th, lil' buddy and I woke up at mom and dad's home to find this:

Birthday breakfast.

I later had lunch with dad, indulged in a little shopping then the fam had dinner (minus H, who was on a business trip).

H called during dinner.....and Annabelle wanted to talk to him (I secretly think it was only due to my phone being pink). Anyway, AB wanted to know what Uncle H bought me .....and he responded with "everything she wanted." AB quickly asked me "WHAT did you ask for?" She is so 18.

Here are some pics to commemorate the occasion.

Brooksy and my sweet single brother

The Birthday Girls (I'm 1 day older than Brooksy)

AB giving Nathan a massage.....she learned how to give massages on tv, so she is totally into rubbing shoulders right now.

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