Friday, August 13, 2010

Hot-Lanta Recap...

This past weekend, we ventured to HOTT-LANTA.

It was my brother’s idea. I had nothing to do with the planning of driving 13 hours and enduring the extreme heat for 4 hours while waiting in line to ride an extreme rollercoaster that lasted 68.3 seconds. I did it for Nathan. And H.

Anything for the men in my life.

Here’s some background to better help you understand why I agreed to driving to Atlanta and enduring Six Flags.

My little brother works in Brazil. For a month at a time. So, when he comes home, he pretty much has a punch list of things he wants to do and /or eat while at home. Well, for this month, he had written in to watch a Braves game and ride Goliath at Six Flags. He invited me and H to tag along. I was pumped for the game, but not so much on Six Flags. Ya’ll, I get car sick just driving to B-ham so I was less than thrilled about being out numbered about the roller coasters.

Here’s a few pics I took at Turner Field.

At the field, there were ushers assigned to sections of the stadium. Well, our usher was an 89 year-old little man who wore 3 gold chains and a whistle around his neck. He would walk up and down the stairs blowing his whistle and chanting to pump the crowd up.

Precious. He was precious. I kept thinking that he would make an awesome entertainment director at a nursing home. I had to stop and tell him what a great job he was doing and to let him know the Braves won solely due to him. He ate it right up.
Speaking of eating……H and I pretty much unloaded our savings at the game. Good gracious!! I did however splurge $0.50 more on our $5.50 souvenir drink that holds 87 ounces. I savored every bite of my jumbo foot-long hotdog. And I polished off our first born college savings when I bought a bag of cotton candy that I didn’t want to share. But I did. Only to pass around the cavities.

Little brother declared Sunday to be Funday at Six Flags. If you know me, you know that I LOATHE carnivals, theme parks, festivals, etc. I really can’t give a reason why……I just do. I guess it’s the same reason H doesn’t eat corn. It is what it is. However on Sunday I was outnumbered and little brother reminded me that he has wanted to ride Batman for a month. I folded. And so did my stomach on the first ride.

I rode 1 ride. That was all that it took for me to be reminded that I wasn’t meant for theme parks. Plus my hair fell from the cute up-do that I had it in. Brother and H PROMISED me this ride was mild and wouldn’t flip us over. Ummmm…… yeah, if liars go to hell, they would be fanning the flames. My ovaries have now taken up shop somewhere around my heart due to the 2nd loop that we were flipped in. After that, I was the designated hat holder. And I did it well until I flipped out at the Batman ride.

Brother, Candice and H were in line (I was waiting at the exit for them)…… then suddenly, a little alarm went off and a recording started blasting that the ride was temporally suspended due to technical difficulties. Yeaaahhh…….that would have done me in if I had been in line. But, ya’ll, there were crazy people who were willing to ride once the kinks were worked out. OMG!! REALLY!!!

Let’s talk about the heat. Let’s talk about the 110 heat index. Let’s talk about all of the drinks we went through and the sponge bath I gave myself in Target with baby wipes that I bought along with wearing one of brother’s shirts that I changed into and some new pj pants. Let’s talk about that run-on sentence. We were nasty. And miserable. And still had to drive home. But, brother had a blast, and that’s all that mattered on Sunday. He makes me laugh more than anyone else. 90% of the time, he is laughing at me though.

Case in point: I wanted to make a little video of brother and H riding one last ride to show mom. All was well. They even waved at me at the beginning of the ride. So then, I moved to the end of the ride to capture them as they were coming back in. I kept waiting to see brother’s yellow shirt……never did…..but I kept filming. Then I start hearing my name. By 2 men……..2 guys that are busting a gut at me filming random people as they ride into the exit of the Gladiator. H and brother had been finished for about 4.2 minutes.

Good times were had by all. Except for a brief moment on Sunday. In the extreme heat. After my hair had fallen. And I had swallowed my ovaries. And almost lost my shoes.


  1. Hey Meg sounds like your Dad can do the job at the Braves game when he retires. Ha Ha

  2. Yeah, I would do a good job at the Braves game, replacing the elderly gentleman. Lord knows I do a lot of cheerleading and blowing the whistle at work. Got lots of experience. The only thing lacking is the bling.

    - Meg's Dad.