Friday, September 24, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday.....

Although it's midnight, here are my oh-so-scattered thougths.

• This has been the week from, well, you know. We are in the l-o-n-g process of moving. And meanwhile, we go to work everyday. And yet we think it’s a good idea to move in the afternoon/night. I have prayed all week that the moving fairies that moved us to BS would come back and do their magic here. Remember those ladies. Those darling ladies who packed up our entire house while Oscar and I napped and H cut the grass. Yeah……they didn’t show up. But, do you know who did?? That would be good ol’ dad and mom. I have the most self-less parents you will ever meet. They are just presh. And this makes the 7th time they have moved me since 2004. I am forever indebted. So to show our token of appreciation tonight, H and I took them down to the Mexican Restaurant and let them order whatever they wanted.

• Did I mention that we are downsizing in the new house?? Yeah, and we have a lot of junk stuff. Not so much fun. However, we do LOVE LOVE the location and the cleanliness of the house which will always trump size in my book. Plus we have a rockin’ little 2 year old neighbor that is adorable to pieces, and Oscar has a friend. Successful move on all accounts.

• Do you know what tonight is? My friends, it’s the premiere of Grey’s. And you know what…..I missed it. Due to moving. And our stupid cable company whom I may or may not have threatened today due to them withholding info from me. I have waited MONTHS!! MONTHS I tell you for this night. This very night. I had plans. I had REAL BIG PLANS to sit on the couch in my pj’s with a small glass of vino and some white cheddar popcorn and watch Grey’s. And maybe a little Private Practice. But instead, the cable company lied to me and Elvis had to TiVo it for me and I was moving. WHY!!!! WHY MUST IT GO LIKE THIS???? I can’t count the # of times H and I have said this week that we are ready to be settled in the new house.

• I have washed 43 loads of laundry. No lie. No joke. The Purex people are pretty accurate on their loads advertised on their box/bottle. Did I mention this house is cleaner? So, we needed clean laundry to go in it.

• 2 weeks ago, H and I signed up to take Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey at our church. I was less than thrilled. We have done Dave before. Zero debt thanks to Dave. However, H loves Dave and thinks we could manage our $3.65 dollars better. So, he signed us up. We had an interest meeting and ended up watching the 1st session. H wanted me to take notes. Seriously. He did. And I did to make him happy. The WHOLE WAY HOME he wanted to talk about our $3 and how we can make it work for us. Ya’ll!!! I wanted to walk home. Dave gets H pumped up. Dave makes me want to have a root canal. And take a loratab. He’s good and he knows his stuff, but he motivates H just a little too much. Anyway, our class ended up being canceled until January. And I’m happy about that. And maybe I just prayed that would happen. Maybe. So now, due to our canceled class, I can do the women’s Beth Moore Bible study. I love it and I started off REAL strong, but I haven’t completed ANY of my home work this week. All due to moving. If you want to know the rest of the story- I haven’t even picked up my Bible. Anyway, I dreamed that Bethie called me personally and asked if I would teach her class. Not the class at church, but Beth Moore’s personal class. Umm, YEAH!! She talked with me over the phone for a while giving me all kinds of accolades and then asked me what I thought about day 4’s lesson. And I couldn’t lie. I had to tell her that we have been moving this week and that I haven’t completed ANY of the lessons, but, that I would prepare before the class on Sunday. Bethie then told me that I couldn’t teach for her then because I don’t know the material. Do you think God is telling me to do my Bible study???

• My sweet little brother called me from Brazil tonight. Man do I miss that kid. He needs to be here helping me move!!!

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