Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday

1. Today is Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday. I am grateful.

2. Tonight is Grey's. And, that my friends, is the only thing keeping me from crawling under my kitchen table and screaming. Did I mention we are STILL moving?? Yeah, we are.

3. My sweet 2 year old neighbor calls me "Egg." She totally dropped the M. And I think it's just darling. If you think that's funny, you should hear her try to say Oscar. It's something along the lines of Oshccarr.

4. We gave my parents Elvis, our TiVo (we have a DVR with our Dish).....and on Saturday, I have to reset Elvis to their tv viewing interests. I need to un-record Sex and The City, and have it record Fox News. Un-record The Office, and record The Weather Channel for mom. It's a strange relationship she has with The Weather Channel. Mom and Dad live in SH, which consequently The Weather Channel doesn't report on. Heck! They don't even report on MS!! But, she likes it. And I will record it for her. Dad likes the occasional 3-Stooges, and Mom likes a good Lifetime movie. Oh Elvis, how you have served me well my friend.

5. Did I mention my washer and dryer are sitting on my carport right now? Yep! We're redneck. I've embraced it. It's a long story that you are not interested in, but, never the less, they are there. Don't even think about stealing them. Oscar will eat you alive.

6. H and I are thrilled about our FREE climate controlled storage unit we are storing half of our belongings in (we downsized when we moved). We have taken up any and all extra room that mom/dad had at their house. We will be making our 3rd and final trip to their house on Saturday to finish off one of their attics. Mom's only stipulation when building her dream home was......a heated/cooled/carpeted attic. Well, H and I have completely filled it up now.

7. Coming home from Mom/Dad's on Sunday, H and I went through a road block. We were in the process of getting a ticket for having an expired inspection ticket. H was FUMING!! Well, in the process, H is telling the officer that we had been visiting my parents. The officer asked who they were. H replied. Then the officer said, is G your grandfather (looking at me). H's face slowly came back to life. I said, "yep, he's my grandfather. Love him to death. He is letting us store "stuff" at his house too!" The officer said, "well, since he's your grandfather, I can't give you a ticket, just get an inspection sticker this week." YOU BETCHA BUDDY!!!! I'm happy to report that I did. I kept my word. Well, H and I get back in the car. H is laughing, he is now a happy man. He looks over to me and says..."we need to do something special for Pop. Why don't we buy him some peanut brittle."

You see, this is a legitimate gift for Pop. He loves peanut brittle. He even makes his own sometimes. He likes to eat it while watching Pawn Stars or The Grand Ole Opry.

We immediately called Pop and told him the story. He was tickled beyond words!!! Made his day!! However, he made ours!


  1. Am I mistaken or is your washer and dryer the new front load (possibly LG)? When "rednecks" as you call yourself put those on their front porch, we will be stealing a set!

  2. what is an "inspection ticket"?

    This season tv really is bad, no Lost, no 24.. We did start watching The Big Bang Theory and it is really good. I started watching "The Event" and really like it but if it gets to strange I dont know that I can stay with it.

    We started the Crown Financial study at church, Dave Ramsey class was full but it is some what the same thing.

  3. Abigail: yes- the washer/dryer is my front loader!! I am learning to pick my battles. So....I'm not going to go loco on H over it.

    Heather: An inspection sticker is a MS thing. It ensures your lights, blinker, etc works. AL doesn't do think.