Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

Every year I look forward to decorating our Christmas Tree. I always decorate a very formal maroon/gold tree. I put 1 million ornaments on it and a large special made gold bow the size of Texas. Well, this Christmas is different. We have ZERO room for my big bow. Or tree for that matter. Not to mention, it really doesn't fit our current home (which mind you, reminds me of a sweet little cabin in TN). Due to the fact my OCD has spilled over into Christmas decorating, I have always put up an additional tree that showcases our "story telling" ornaments. You know what I'm talking about.......these are the ornaments that you pick up when you go on vacay......or the sweet ornaments people buy you that are so special......and our Hallmark ornaments.

This year....we only have our "story telling" tree. Nothing formal. All whimsical. All fun. Lots of bright colors.

Here's a peek:

Here's our ornament from the Bahamas. I thought about drinking a Bahama Mama in honor of the decorating the tree, but decided probably not a smart move. I would have drank hot coco, but it was 80 degrees and our air conditioner was on.

This is one of H's Hallmark ornaments. It's a reindeer made out of tools!
This one is from New Orleans. It took 1 hour for me to pick out this ornament. H was getting ill and pretty much MADE me buy this one because I couldn't make up my mind. (We bought it in a Christmas store. A store with 358,932 ornaments. Or at least it seemed that way.)
Ahh!! The memories of this ornament! Aunt Fran gave this to us our very first Christmas together! H and I had just gotten engaged! LOVE IT!!
I invited myself on a business trip with H 2 summers ago to Kentucky. Anyway.....we took some detours coming home and visited Rock City. It's a neat place to go......but you only need to go once. :) All rocks look the same.
H received his 1st grill 3 years ago. And this was the ornament I bought to commemorate the event. The event of him paying a Lowe's employee who was leaving work to deliver the grill for $10! Granted, we lived .45 miles from Lowe's and the employee was going home that same direction. Everyone wins.
H's gym bag. He loves to work out. I don't. To be honest, I don't even like to sweat. The 1st year of our marriage, H worked out ALL THE TIME!! And all the time begged me to go with him. I'm sad to report, that's just not my Love Language (thanks for that out Gary Chapman!)
I LOVE coffee!!! LOVE IT! Dad would put "girl coffee" in my sippy cup on Saturday mornings when I would watch cartoons in bed! Think I was loved???? Anyway, my world changed when International Coffee came out with their speciality creamers. They are a staple in our home. We buy 2 at a time. H bought this for me when he realized that my love for coffee was growing when I bought a french press.
Ah! My oven mitt! H certainly lucked up by marrying a gal that LOVES to cook and loves to eat. When we were first married, H would take leftovers to work. He says that he was the envy at the lunch table......and a lot of the guys said that I would stop cooking every night. They said that in year 2 of our marriage, it would change to frozen pizza. He told me that he laughed at them and said they must not really know me.......H told the guys that I love to eat just as much as I love to cook. And not to come between me and gravy....and a piece of bread to soak in it.
I had to save my big Texas bow for another house during another I made this instead. And made one in the top of Mom-o's tree.

Merry Christmas to All......and to all a good night!!

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