Sunday, January 16, 2011

The 3-Man Band

While vacayin' at The Grand, H and I experienced the strangest thing. Ever.

H was watching football, and I was reading a book.....and we heard BOOM, BOOM, BOOM-BOOM. H peaked his head out in the hallway. All clear. He went to the balcony. Then yelled for me to get the camera (I later asked him why he wanted me to get the camera. He said that I would probably want to blog about it. True Love. He gets me.)

I grabbed the camera to find this outside.

Apparently, at The Grand, at 4pm, they shoot a cannon. But, before they fire away, they send out the 3-man boy band to signal the firing of the cannon. H wanted to watch the cannon be fired. We were not exactly sure of the timing of the firing of the cannon. It was fired as we were walking up to it. I LEFT my skin and yelled. In front of everyone who was gathered around the cannon and 3-Man Band.

I'm not so fond of reenactments.

I mean, why relive the past?

Or bring up history?

It just makes you want to yell and shoot a cannon.

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