Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday......

1. I have peace in my heart tonight. It probably has something to do with the peace lily that showed up in my office today. My dear sweet friends that I miss deeply, Mrs. Susan and Barbs, sent me a HUGE peace lily plant. Now, you must know that back when I was a student @ MSU, I was Mrs. Susan’s student worker. And she had a peace lily in her office. And I rubbed the gloss off of its leaves. I didn’t really do it on purpose, but for more therapeutic reasons. Anyway, even in the card attached to my plant, the girls told me to rub the leaves when I get stressed out.

2. Tomorrow night is date night for the Jones’. Mexican in BS. We’re high rollers.

3. We are currently into smoothies right now. With flax seed. Yep! The girl who would consider Little Debbie’s a staple in the pantry now eats flax seed. And oat bran.

4. I’m so tired that I really don’t have any thoughts.

1 comment:

  1. Flax seed?? Are you serious? Sounds like you need to raid our pantry again. Way overdue... Dad