Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday.....

1. This is my 200th post. YAY! for me.

2. Lil Buddy and I are curled up on the couch watching Grey's......listening to the wind blow. Ah! Happy Thursday.

3. I am currently reading The Help. Great little book. Great little book.

4. I am ignoring James Spann's weather forecast and I'm buying flowers left and right. I am so ready for Spring! I had Hunter plant 3 rose bushes Sunday afternoon. Our 2.5 year old neighbor assisted with my mini shovel. I loved it.

5. A Sunday School friend of mine had a her sweet baby Mallory on Tuesday. Oh.My.Word. Presh doesn't do her justice. I don't know if I should pray that Jesus gives H and I a boy or a girl. (You know I like to be specific in my prayers. I'm a firm believer in telling Jesus exactly what you want and/or need. He will weigh out the request and deliver what he thinks is best.)

6. Is it too early to lay by the pool? I don't want to pull out the bathing suits just yet....but I would like to put on a pair of shorts/sleeveless shirt and just take a nap in the sun.

7. Sunday afternoon, H FINALLY hung my hammock. In August, it will be 4 years old. 4 YEARS OLD! It was still in it's Mexican bag. I was scared to sit in it after H hung it up, thinking that it may be dry roted. However, it held me up while I took a mini siesta. Then I took note that I need a deck curtain so my neighbors don't have to watch me take Saturday/Sunday naps with my mouth possible opened while sleeping. The Ballard Designs have some REAL NICE ones.....but, I think that I'm going to check out Ross and TJ MAXX first. And you don't really care.

8. According to the Martha Stewart Sirius XM radio, the color for spring is Orange. Just thought you should know.

9. This morning, Lil Buddy didn't want us to go to work. He followed H to his car, then cried when I left. Broke.My.Heart. I wanted to stay home with him and play fetch...and curl up under the blanket with him. But, you know what, somebody has to bring home the bacon.

10. I really have nothing here. I just couldn't end it on 9. Nine is just too odd of a number.

Happy Thursday.

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