Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Last night, while opening my power point in front of my classmates, I saw this pic on my jumpdrive.

Two things came to my mind:
1. Dang! I would love a piece of chocolate cake.
2. I wish it was my wedding day again. I wish I could re-live that day with H one more time. I wish that I could hug our friends and eat MSU ice cream again!

I'm getting a little sappy. This month, on the 25th, I will celebrate 4 years of: working for Jones, Inc.(you know, just your typical cleaning, ironing, keep the family calendar together), being the personal chef to H Jones, loving a man that loves me back and constantly laughing with my best friend for 4 years!!

Get ready folks! This is goona be the month of love on the 'ol blog!

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