Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hunter's Birthday

For my main man's birthday.......

I gave him a brick.

And he loved it.
And he loved me for giving him a brick.

This brick is located on the Drill Field at our beloved Miss. State.
He graduated in '07 and I did in '05. I wish that I had prolonged my graduation until '07.
I tend to miss college everyday.

Anyway, back to my man.

He received a brick and golf  paraphernalia for his birthday celebration.
After opening his "little" golf presents, the birthday boy asked me where his "big" gift was.

Umm. Excuse me. When did we get spoiled?
I told him that I dropped the ball this year and that I had too much going on to order his "big" gift and that he will just have to wait until Christmas.

He then replied: "well, that just isn't like my wife. She ALWAYS has everything put together. And our house is ALWAYS clean, and she always looks nice and she cooks better than Paula Dean."
Oops! I think I made that up! (let a gurl wish! It's my blog!!)

I gave H his brick when we attended the State vs. LA Tech game (which we will not discuss).
However, I'll leave you with a pic of H after the game. He was mad that we didn't blow it out of the water. But, again, we will not talk about. He was mad that we had to play overtime against such a small school. Not. Talking. About. It.

Oh- and I noticed during the game the fans sitting behind us 2 rows back were having a LARGE time. This wasn't a LARGE game. After the game, this is what I saw and it explained EVERTHING:

Cheers to my main man! I'm so thankful that I get to celebrate birthday's with you!
And, I'm thankful that you are brick house. There I said it. I can't believe that I waited until the end.

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