Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pajama Party- Jones Style

On December 17th- H and I hosted a little party.

We hosted a pajama party.....where we asked our guests to bring a re-gifted gift.

Our thought process while planning this party was:

1. We have to attend so many parties where we feel the need to purchase new clothes to wear (i.e. we attended a party a few Thursday's ago where I bought $100 worth of clothes. I ended up not wearing any of my new clothes due to the fact it was 70 degrees that night. Gotta love livin' in MS).

2. Everyone that we invited have large families they have to buy for- and the majority of the guests have small kid-o's to buy Christmas, we asked everyone to bring re-gifted gifts and not to spend a dime on gifts (plus, this makes playing Dirty Santa so much more funnier).

Here are some of my favorite pics!

I slaved over this cupcakes....and I even added chocolate stars on them! I'll put this little trick in my back-pocket for when I birth babies and they have birthday parties!

Me and CK- my little brother's FAB gurl-friend.

KPA and Andrea....

Vanessa started the the party off with opening the big conversation piece: the Christmas wienie dog.
Everyone thought that H and I should steal it.....because of Oscar.


Let me just put this out there: I like Oscar. He is my child.

However, I do not want paraphernalia of other wienie dogs that mean nothing to me.

Pic of Oscar....why Yes! I'll take that all day...everyday! (speaking of, Heather, my talented Sis-n-law, gave me a great pic of Oscar for Christmas that I'll blog about later).

Statue of a wienie dog.....not so much.

Sweet little brother opening his "real" Louis Vuitton wallet. Please note- brother is wearing a red onesie. You cannot see his shoe selection in this pic, but, he was also sporting cowboy boots!!! LOVE.IT!!!

Scottie ended up with the "ice cube." A home-made Christmas decoration that lights up. Lovely. I would like to point out that his pj shirt says: "What the Elf?" 

Amie- opened a dollar store angel....and the baby angel was crossed eyed!! At this point, we were all belly laughing......

Sarah and the Natester (who recently became engaged.....and I found out on Facebook....and did not get a phone call or text from) opened another great conversation piece. Nate was the proud owner of penguin hanging out in a hammock. Please look at the faces. The faces tell the story that we were all asking. Why in the HECK is a penguin in a hammock.....and why would a company every make this!! Nate however, later traded in the penguin in for a USM shirt!

CK was lucky enough to open the "Big Book of Jokes." Afterwards, we asked her to read us all a passage out of the book! We were in stitches and laughed until we cried due to the lameness of the jokes!! Priceless memories!! Priceless.

And H. Sweet H ended up with a collection of coffee mugs. We now own a coffee mug for each of the 4-seasons! Lucky.Us.

 Good times were had by all......and I think we just started an annual Christmas Party. Even as I typed this post....I'll admit...I laughed out the kitchen myself....and the wienie dog!

I'm a fan of themed parties....and at first, not everyone was thrilled about the pj's.....however, at 12:30am when people were leaving our house......the general consensus was great idea on the pj's!!


If you are reading this and you attended the party......I have circled Dec. 15th in my calendar.
Get yourself ready!! And start saving up gifts!!

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