Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday....

  • I bought an iphone case last week. The funny part is.....I don't actually own an iphone. I kinda want an iphone.....but, when my phone does work properly, I don't NEED a new phone. However, my phone is slightly possessed. It will play songs from my playlist whenever the mood strikes (i.e. like in the elevator at work with a complete stranger). 
  • I was cleaning off pics from my phone, and saw this one......and chuckled......
This is what my mixer looks like while I whip up a red velvet cake

  • I have been diligent this week in trying to finish up tiling my bathroom mirror. I crank up Pandora......pull out my liquid nails, box blade, painters tape and tile nipper......not to be confused with a nibbler. I called it a tile nibbler for a solid day. I bought the "nibbler" at Lowe's.....and asked the female associate where it was located. Then I told her what my project was all about. She looked me square in the eyes and said 1 word: PINTEREST. 
          Why yes. It is in fact a pinterest project.
           Then, she invited me to the upcoming Lowe's Pinterest Parties.
            I normally say NO to to things like this.......but the 1st project                     involves burlap.
           And I'm a sucker for burlap. So I might just have to attend. 

  • Meanwhile, Oscar and Coop have a new friend in their backyard. Sammy the Squirrel. 

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