Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beach Bums.

Back in little buddies participated in Wag Fest. Which is another blog coming soon. 

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite pics of them on the beach before the competition.

I mean......just look at that little buddy. Presh.

Notice that Oscar has on no harness or collar. Him's naked.

Coopie NEEDS the harness.

And obviously, H is holding him back.
Coopie's ADD tends to take over in less than a minute.
Thoughts from Coopie:
"Ooo...that's a bird."

"Birdy.....come here birdy....wanna be my friend? I've got a brother....come meet him. Oh, you wanna run? Can I run with you? Hey- birdy....wait up!"

"Oscar, wanna run....let's eat sand.....I gotta poop! Oooh... salt water. I like salt water. No!!! I don't like the water anymore! Poop! I forgot to poop! 

Oscar has a more sophisticated pallet. He eats dog food, roasted chicken, pancakes with flax seed, bacon and whole wheat bread.

Coopie eats dog food, dog poop, spinach, carrots, grass, rice, broccoli and bugs.

Spoiler alert for Wag Fest blog post: Oscar is now the 2nd fastest wienie dog in MS. 

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