Friday, May 3, 2013

Fantastic Friday

 Last night was my last night class EVA'! I had to sip on a venti white chocolate mocha (with 3 pumps of syrup, extra hott) to help me keep my eye lids open.

It sorta feels surreal. I don't know what to do with myself.

Oh, yes.....I do! I need to study for comps. 

When I finish a stressful moment in my life, I get sick afterwards.

As in....throw up.


I push through the stressful moment......then then the next day, I'm sick.

This happened on Saturday.

I was sick. From my stressful week.

Funny story:
During undergrad, it was the worse that I have EVER been.
After what I thought was my last college started happening. And I was 3 hours from my mom. And I needed her.

I was so sick that mom had to call a friend of mine and ask her to take me to the Dr.
I went the clinic on campus and they wanted to give me a pregnancy test.
I politely told the nurse while throwing up in her garbage can that I wasn't going to waste my dad's money on a's stress. Just hand over the phenergan. 

I guess when you are a female student on a college campus and you are throwing up at 11am, they automatically give you a preggers test.

I didn't take the test. 

This weekend, I plan on closing the blackout curtains and DARING a wienie dog to wake me up! Mama needs to sleep past 7:30!

I have decided that after comps, I gonna burn my comps notebook. While sipping on some vino. Rocking out to P!nk. And eating chocolate cake.

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