Wednesday, May 22, 2013


You know you are getting old when you tell your parents that all you want for your burfday is some good manual labor in your yard.

The previous owners of our humble abode only landscaped the immediate front of the home. Which is good and bad.

Bad: we now have to landscape.
Good: we have a clean slate to start with.

The pics are self-explanatory.......

Except for this one.....that is my mom....working that flower bed like a boss. There was not 1 single weed or blade of grass in the flower bed when she was finished! Not.One.

My parentals arrived at lunch and didn't leave until 9pm!
We were all stiff and sore on Sunday and regretted making the last flowerbed in the back yard.
Although H was sore, I did catch him going outside and admiring his work at least 3 times on Sunday.

Next project: extended back patio....and continue landscape around it.

I'll post more after photos when I remember.....and when it no longer hurts to lift my arms up past my hips.


  1. Looks great! I love the pic of the house...only one I've seen other than one your phone a long time ago. need more pics! ;) aren't parentals grand?!

  2. 1. Parents are GRAND!
    2. Come and visit me.