Thursday, October 17, 2013

Puzzle Pieces

That is what my weekend was.

One big puzzle piece.

Here's the rundown of the weekend:

-Friday night.....I had intentions to pack for the weekend. Instead, I fell asleep on the couch.
-Saturday am, H went to work......I packed...and met my mom to drop off the doggies.
-Brudder and his fiance arrived and we left for Starkvegas.....2.5 hours later, we arrived.
-Lunch at The Grill.
- Game time.
-After the game, we stayed with some friends.
- Starkville Cafe' got us going on Sunday morning.....then, I became a nomad.

I had a work conference in Tupelo starting on Sunday night. I didn't feel like driving home just to get back in the car and drive north again, on the same roads mind you. So, I sweet talked a co-worker to just pick me up in Starkville. But, my dream plans started to derail when H said that he needed to leave immediately after breakfast.....thus...I became an nomad.

Here's where my well being depended on the kindness of others:

H dropped me off at our friends house.......then, the puzzle started.

Our friends dropped me and ALL of my bags and hanging clothes off at Restaurant Tyler. Then, I met my friend Susan.....and put all of my belongings in her car while we dined.
Then, Susan dropped me off at Starbucks where I squatted for about an hour and a half.
A co-worker picked me and bags up.....and off to Tupelo we went.
While in Tupelo, I invited my friend Abigail out to dinner....but told her she has to pick me up!
Then, in a panic, I realized at midnight.....that I didn't have any house keys with me......and I really didn't want to call H at midnight and have him put a key under the fern at that time of the night. So instead, I called my neighbor at 7am (who happens to be recovering from pneumonia) to stroll down to my house at her leisure and let me borrow my house key from her. Side bar: I needed my house key so that I could get to my car and car keys and I texted before I called. 

My grand plan was solely in my mind this whole time......then on Saturday night, I explained my plan to H and our friend.....and at that time, it sounded really crazy. But thank the LARD....everyone was compliant and on time.

I'll leave you with this:

Why yes...that is Sponge Bob on a camel. In MS.

Beside our hotel, Tupelo was hosting their fall fair. We were tempted to attend to buy a candied apple.....but the hotel didn't have a steak knife. Y'all all know that I eat my candied apple's with a knife. It's a process.

I'm glad to be home. And to drive my own car. And count down to the Laurel fair so I can buy a candied apple and go home and eat it with a steak knife!

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