Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday.........

1. H turned 30 last month. I threw him a party for this big milestone.

2. I'm starting to watching Downton Abby. I'm just 5 episodes in.....and after each episode I try to speak in an English accent for at least an hour. H just realized last night that it's not Downtown Abby.

3. I'm extremely tired. I blame it on the weather. All I wanna do it come home from work and nap. But, I can't because it's 5:45.....and I would never be able to go to sleep.

4. My sweet Pop passed away last Wednesday night. The wounds are still very fresh and I can't talk/write about it yet.

5. I found a new breakfast casserole on Pinterest.....and it's great. It's essentially Shepard's Pie but in the breakfast format. I'll share it later. Really, you just mix all of your breakfast favorites in a big bowl and pour it into a casserole. Top with cheese.....then BOOM! You are done.

6. Do you know how hard it is to 'eat clean' when you are attending family funerals?? Let me answer that for you. You can't. It's scientifically impossible. That's probably why I'm so tired.......I'm finally detoxing my body again. I'm stuffed with cakes, dumplings, potato salads and 136 casseroles. While it may sound like I'm complaining.........please don't be confused. I'm not. It was WONDERFUL food. I cleaned my plate numerous times. I just knew that I would regret it come Tuesday. You's hard to eat carrot sticks and feel good about it after you eat a broccoli and cheese casserole. And you know it was made with Cheese Whiz! Oh- and can we talk about the desserts? Lard have mercy on my soul! Chocolate pudding. I'm sorry that I ever broke up with you. You were so good to me. Cool Whip. I have forsaken you, yet you were so good! Southern women can BRING IT when it comes to funeral food. It's their talent. And they nail it every.single.time.

Again, when I find my words, I'll share with you about my sweet Pop.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Happy Thursday from the sleep deprived English wanna-be that's munching on carrot sticks.


  1. So sorry to hear about your Pop. Thinking of you and praying for you.

  2. Thanks Hope! It was sad......but Heaven is much sweeter now!