Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday......

- It's Grey's Day. And Scandal Day. My heart is full.

- On Monday night, the Baptist Boys finally won a basketball game. However, it's important to note that H recruited the help of a Presbyterian boy.  In basketball, there's just one denomination: WINNING. 

- While the boys were playing basket ball, I was holding and loving on a 7lb little baby boy......and it almost made my heart explode knowing that I'm gonna have one those in 104 days. I can't even deal. 

- On Saturday, Mom and I have big plans to attend the Sweet Pea Swap. I have my list and cash ready to go! If you have the desire to buy baby boy any clothes, make sure they are 3T! 

- On Wednesday, I stocked up at the Dirt Cheap: 
Meanwhile, Oscar was mad that I was in baby boys room for longer than 5 minutes, so he decided to do this:

Seriously. Thank you Oscar. If it wasn't 40 degrees outside, I would move your bed to the backporch and wish you the best! 

- H finished our taxes on Tuesday night.....and I remembered why we have always used an accountant! H doesn't just plug in the numbers, he analyzes them. Then he fusses about how much the government takes, then he calculates how much money we "should" make, then he wants to eat the girl scout cookies that I'm eating on the couch. 

- This past weekend, we assisted in hosting 2 baby showers....and they were sweet and fun: 

- Dear little buddy, I love you. I love you more than the weenie dogs. Please don't punch your mama in the gut anymore at 4:30 am. You pack a powerful punch. Please save your arm power for the baseball field. 
Sincerely- your meal provider

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