Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pregnancy Updates

- This sweet child of mine. He is already a mess!
This past weekend, he partied like it was 1999.
On Monday......he slept it off.

At 4 pm, I thought it would be wise to call my Dr. and see if I need to do anything with my lazy boy.

They said Yes!

10 minutes later, this was happening:

Please don't mistake my black tights for skinny jeans.
I know my limits. 

My baby daddy was in the Jackson airport as he was trying to board a plane for a business trip. Of course he was concerned, so I had to put the phone up to the monitor so he could hear the heartbeat.
It's like he's fond of the little buddy already! 

I told him to get a drink and simmer.

- On Monday afternoon after Baby Buddy was lazy.......we came home to 2 baby gifts!

Maaaroooonnn!!!! Whhhiiitteee! 

I can't show a pic of the sweet gift that little Mae Harbuck mailed us from Charlotte, NC because it may or may not have his monogram on it.

- I'm 28 weeks this week! I think I'll need to breathe in a bag when I hit the 30 week mark.

- My little friend,  HEARTBURN has returned for a visit. Drs. should rename it throat burn! At 1:30 am, 2:16 am, 3:49 am, 4:15 am and 5:24 will make you promise yourself that you will not eat ANYTHING the next day. Then, you remember that you are preggers and you have to eat. Then, you cry yourself to sleep (until you have to go pee again)......while snuggled up to a body pillow because your main squeeze is still out of town.

- Last Friday, I was H's golf buddy while he played in a scramble. Anyway, this was my view.

I had to hold my belly and computer as we moved from hole to hole. Working woman problems.

After the golf game was finished......I asked for some fried foods, and he delivered:

H invited a co-worker to eat with us, and I may have eaten off of his plate too!

- At this point, the only weenie dog allowed in the nursery is this one:

I squealed with delight when I opened this package and then opened his little doggie. We have the sweetest friends ever that just send us baby gifts because they love our little boy already. 

The card from our friend Missy, simply said: You know I had to buy this!! 

I called her immediately and said: You know I squealed and scouted out a place to monogram his name! 

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