Wednesday, April 23, 2014

1 in 8.

I'm a statistic. 

I don't want to be. But, I am. 

 1 in 8 women have to deal with infertility. 
When I think about the numbers my personal life......they are wrong. 

I know a LOT of women that have dealt with (or still dealing with) this diagnosis. 

I made a personal choice not to hide it. It's part of who I am and the story as to how I will be meeting my miracle baby boy soon. 

Many people have mixed emotions about modern medicine and IVF procedures. I say, to each their own.......but, come visit me in a few weeks and I'll let you hold a tiny big miracle of modern medicine. 

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. 

I have so many questions about this debilitating disease and at this point, no one can answer. While  research is's not enough and not fast. 

Here's a link that lays out some helpful definitions if you wanna know more:

When I think back on our my journey to motherhood......I would do it all over again. 

In a minute. 

Don't get me wrong, it was tough and I cried a lot, but in 1 months time, I will be holding a little baby boy that will look like his handsome daddy........and that's totally worth the shots, and the other drugs, and the Dr.'s appointments and the money. 

Thank you Lupron for putting me into medically induced menopause.
That was fun. Especially in the summer months.

Because sometimes, you need help from Vino
and Pecan Spinwheels to get through it. 

Let's just call it as we see it. I had a drug problem.
Too bad the side effects didn't make me feel any better.

H and I are thankful that we fought for our baby. We do not have any regrets on making the sacrifices that we made to be able to walk into a nursery at our home.......or to lay in bed and feel the baby kickbox me......or watch my calorie intake multiply (not to be confused with doubling).  When I walk into the baby's nursery, it all seems surreal. This is FINALLY happening. 

We beat infertility.......

Because of modern medicine (and Jesus of course), I'm going to be a mother. 

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