Monday, June 23, 2014

Babywise Week #2

Game on.

Here we go people.

Day 8: This child is gaining weight! He LOVES to eat! While it's difficult to keep him awake during full feedings, I keep on with my tricks!  We are starting to see longer periods of sleep at night. When I say longer, I mean an hour. I don't want to give false hope here! The sweet child slept from 10pm to 3:30am....he was fed, changed, put back to bed and woke up again at 9am. High five Jaxon. High five. 

Day 9: This was pretty much a repeat of Day 8. We are keeping with our daily routine (again, not timed schedule), and things are going pretty good! He is starting to skip in mid morning nap because he LOVES to look at the bears on his swing. We are realizing that 9pm is a good bed time for him right that means we need to start his night routine around 8pm with bath, eat, jammers, etc.

Day 10: It's Hump DAY! The littlest buddy slept from 9pm to 2am. He had a quick feeding and diaper change....then it was back to bed. He woke up again at 5:50, then I HAD to wake him up at 9:45. I would have woke him up sooner, but this little Mama slept until 9:30 herself!
Progress people. Progress. It's the little things here. 

Day 11: I'm noticing that his wake time is extending a little during the day. Which means, more time to look at his pretty blue eyes! He is just the best! He is again skipping a mid morning nap, but snoozing hard in the afternoon around 2:30ish. On this night, we had company over for we pushed his bedtime back to 9:45 and he slept until 2:45 for his "midnight feeding."

Day 12: Happy Friday!! These crazy parents were in bed by 9:40! My oh My how our little life has changed! Although I'm home with the little man all day, and at times, I sleep to 9am because I turn my alarm off.....and sometimes I even nap while he does (gasp!)......the minute the sun goes down and we start his "routine"......I'm EXHAUSTED! It's like a new type of tiredness. It's weird to explain. All day long, I'm trying to outsmart a 2 week old. I'm trying to think a step ahead of him. A lot of the time, he wins. His schedule looks the I won't bore you with the times. However, we had 2 large milestones: his cord fell off, and the little buddy drank 4 ounces. I teared up both times. Please stay little. 

I don't even recognize myself anymore. 

Day 13: Saturday. Oh happy day! Daddy is home......and boy do we LOVE when he is home! H and I fight over who holds him and feeds him. I ventured out today. I went to Target and loaded my buggy down, then wondered why and on what I spent $200 on. This was Jaxon's first big, long outing. He slept the ENTIRE time. I woke him up to change him and pretty much forced him to eat. When we arrived home, H and I had that look in our eyes saying that tonight is gonna be ROUGH at the Jones house. However, Jaxon did great. He took his big boy bath like a champ......even peeing in the tub....went to bed around 10pm, woke up at 2:30ish....went back to sleep around 3ish....woke up again at 6am....then I moved him to our bedroom in his rock-n-play. He stared at the ceiling fan for an hour (I stared at him), then I had to wake him up at 10:15.

Lazy. Bones.

Day 14: The child hit a growth spirt today. He is eating a GOOD 3 ounces and sometimes 4. Sunday was a large repeat of the week. He did go to bed around 9:45 because his mama couldn't get it together. Remember......when the sun goes down, I'm like the Walking Dead. I'm slow moving and my body starts aching.

Babywise Week #2 Tips:

- Don't be obsessed with your bambino's sleep time at night. They are 2 weeks old. They WILL NOT sleep through the night. While that is the's a goal that isn't in reach yet. Don't even try. You are establishing a routine.

- Don't use my blog as the 'end all-be all' on Babywise! Remember, I've only been a mother for 2 weeks! I'm simply stating the facts of my child here.

-Keep the goals simple and sweet: love on the baby, establish a routine, eat and sleep. Oh, and snuggle. I LOVE to snuggle with my little man. I have been wanting to sweep my kitchen floors for 2 days, however, I keep getting distracted by a little buddy that loves to pee on me then smile!

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