Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Babywise Week #3

Instead of lining this post out day by day and telling you sleep schedules, I'm just gonna do a briefing.

Jaxon had his 2 week appt last Monday and the Dr. asked about his sleep schedule. For some reason, I felt bad to tell her that I'm using Babywise, so I whispered it. She went nuts and thanked me for using it! Then, I wiped the sweat from my forehead! What a relief. She wished that all of her parents used Babywise.

The little buddy is a waking up once, sometimes twice in the middle of the night. Depending on the smell, I don't change his diaper during his "dream feed"......I'll wait and change him during his second feeding around 4:30 or 5. Again, we put him to bed and let HIM wake us up versus us waking him up to eat. Last Wednesday night, he woke up once for only 30 minutes and ended up sleeping for 8 hours that night. I was a new woman that day. I cleaned house and even trimmed the hedges because of the new found energy that I had.

Sunday night he woke up at 2:30, then 6:30. He went back to sleep at 7am, then started our day at 9:30. Can we pause to thank The Lord. Amen and Amen. 

I'm starting to see an increase in his appetite and he is starting to "wake up" from being a newborn. This is good and bad. It's good because I get to see his pretty blue eyes more. It's bad because we are skipping morning naps. 

He is eating 2-3 ounces with each feeding and taking supplemented formula like a champ. There have been a few afternoons where he was terribly fussy and the dogs were barking and I felt helpless. Because of Babywise (and common sense) we worked through it and I realized that his late afternoon feeding needs to be 3 ounces. 

Babywise isn't the end all-be all book. However, it has surely helped this 3-week mama have a better understanding on a newborn. So far, my post baby meltdowns have been over the dang dogs and not over a crying baby. 

Tips from 3-weeks of Babywise:
1. Write down your schedule and loosely follow it. I'm using a May Book baby journal. It's soooo easy and small enough I can put it in the diaper bag. If he is hungry 20 minutes before or after our "schedule"......the sweet little bambino gets fed! If you have an involved spouse like I do, this is a great tool for them to look and see what's next. 

2. Don't stress out if you get off schedule. Let it work in your favor. 

3. Be prepared at all times. I spend much of my day trying to outsmart a 3-week old. 

4. You want to stretch out feedings and not naps. The longer he sleeps during the day could impact his night. 

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