Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday....

-Tomorrow I report to work. I need to be there at 7:30. I think I'm gonna sleep in my dress and pull a Suzanne Sugarbaker and 'sleep pretty' with my hair fixed. I'm gonna need the weekend to recover. 

- A week ago today, we brought home our baby boy from Blair Batson's from his surgery. We brought home a healed and healthy baby that with an exception of a little pain, has been so happy. I sorta feel jipped on part of my maternity leave because I didn't want to leave the house at times  in fear of Jaxon throwing up in the car, or Kroger or Target or the pool, etc. I want to spend more time with my happy baby now. 

- The dang dogs have been little terrorists this week. They make me ready to go back to work. They conspired against me this week and thought it would be so much fun to throw up on the living room rug the minute Jaxon was voicing his concern on his lunch being served to him late. So, I'm trying to clean up dog throw up before they eat it, all while my baby is screaming. 

Fun times friends. Fun times. 

First of all- I don't let Jaxon cry it out.....second of all- if ever a time I don't even want him to whimper because I'm scared it will hurt his's this week. 

I put the dogs in the back yard......5 minutes later, they are scratching at the front door. The side gate was open so the terrorists thought it would be fun to mosey on around the house. Again, all while having a crying baby reminding me it's lunch time while I'm scrubbing carpet. 

- I "rewarded" myself for keeping a lid on my anxiety and emotions while Jaxon was in the hospital with a Kate Spade purse. It should arrive on Saturday. H asked why I bought it, I responded with "it's my reward for playing nice with the nurses that made my baby cry and wouldn't let him eat for 30 hours, and not having any meltdowns." I think it's very reasonable. Whatever.

- Baby dedication invites have been ordered! 

-I've made a video of Jaxon's birth. This is pure torture on an emotional mother. Hopefully my tears will dry up before we share it with family. 

-Going back to Jaxon's surgery, etc......I've had such a heavy heart for the sweet babies that are still at Batson's. I have prayed for them on a daily basis since we were discharged. As a new mom, it's really hard for me to even whisper the words to Jesus "and please heal Jaxon's neighbor that had brain surgery......and the other baby neighbor that was hit by a car".......

My last prayer was simply "heal all of the babies Jesus, heal all of them and let them walk out of the hospital"....... 

- Saturday I made SEVERAL freezer meals for when I return to work. I felt like I accomplished something by freezing a double batch of chili and taco soup. I also made 3 pans of spaghetti meat sauce. I would have totally made more, but the sweet child of mine wanted to nap on my I let him......I figure we can always pick up take out on those exhausting days I don't want to even heat up dinner. 

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