Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday.......

Well Hello Intranet! 

It's been a while since I've shared my thoughts......get yourself ready.......they are all over the place today. 

1- The Yoga Pants debate. Y'all. I can't even deal. I have several thoughts on this. My first thought is: there isn't much of anything that you say that will keep me from wearing the yoga pants or tights. 

The 2nd thought is simple: just dress modest and keep on going with your life.....because, regarding my last thought on the yoga pants: I don't care how old a man is, he is going to check you out. 

It doesn't matter if you are the Patron Saint of Whatever.....if you are a man, and you are breathing, you are going to check a girl out. You can be a Christian, you can be married, you can be a father, but you WILL check someone out. We are human and we look at someone and think: oh, that's a cute outfit, or I like her hair, or WHOA that's too short or too low cut. WE ALL DO IT! 

Having a blog post about yoga pants won't keep me from wearing pants. 

When I chatted with my man about the original blog post from the man "who regularly writes in the Birmingham coffee shops and watches the women come in with their yoga pants on"........all that he hounded in on with the story was this: "so this guy just goes to a coffee shop for a few hours and writes during the day?!? Does he not have a job?! And he doesn't like yoga pants?"

Immediately following H's last question, he popped me on the booty and walked out of the room. 

There 'ya go. 

2- Olivia Pope. Last week's Scandal made me put down my popcorn and glass of vino and literally get out of bed because it was so nuts! I may need to re-watch it make sure I didn't miss anything. 

3- This week has just about done me in. I'm ready for a new week. 

4- On Sunday, we attended a neighbor's Super Bowl party. I just LOVE living in a neighborhood for this reason:

Sweet Jaxman drives his little car while H pulled the wagon of meatballs.  

5- Also- on Sunday, Pinterest LIED! This 2 ingredient strawberry bars was a disaster! They went from the oven to the garbage. 

6- I'm slightly addicted to the Gevalia speciality coffee. Slightly. 
After Church on Sunday, I "ran into Kroger real quick" to pick up 2 items and came out with this. 

Our Kroger had K-Cups on sale for $4 a box! $4. I would have bought more, but they wouldn't fit in my basket. 

I immediately texted my neighbor who is addicted as well. 
If she runs out, I have her back. 

7- On Saturday, I'm going shopping with some friends to the Kelly Kid's Outlet in Natchez. We are all a little too excited about carpooling in the mini van and sipping our latte's! Us 'mom-jean' wearing girls are excited about eating a lunch un-interuped and not having to clean up the meal afterwards all while shopping for our tots! 

Last night H asked me how much money I needed for the trip. 
I told him that you can't put a price on Jax's wardrobe. 


  1. Okay I was just sharing with a friend about the Gevalia Coffee. I had a teacher give me one as I was walking out to morning duty in the 10 degree temps and I fell in love. The upon pricing I did the whole--K Cups are a racket talk in my mind, then I remembered I pay five dollars at least twice a week for my mocha bianca...and talked myself into another box. Love Love Love them and your blog.

    1. True Story: I haven't bought Starbucks at work since before Christmas!
      Some of that has to do with the fact that it's 2 buildings away and I'm lazy......and the other part is that I just LOVE the taste of these K-Cups! Sometimes you can find them at Big Lots.