Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday.....

A couple of  weekends ago, I went with friends to shop at Kelly Kids in Natchez.

Here are my thoughts:
-Because I have a stinky little boy, I saved $2350.34 with my purchase.

-If you have a boy, don't make the trip to Natchez in the name of Kelly's Kids. However, if you have the opportunity to spend the day with some best buds and laugh until you cry and you just happen to buy a few outfits, then do it! 

-My friends are FUNNY and they made the boring ride down Hwy 84 fun. Y'all. There's nothing to see past the Collin's exit on Hwy 84.

- Our conversations were that of an ADD roundtable. 
Topics covered included:
     -budgets and Dave Ramsey
     -religion and denominations
     -planners, pens and highlighters
     -life as we see it and most importably, world peace. 

- My planner looks like a highlighter threw up in it. This is both good and bad.  

- I'm far from a pack-rat......but, I hate to throw large items away when I can repurpose them. Case in point, a formula can:

I simply wrapped some duck tape around it, then, some robot washi tape for the win....and TA'DA! 

Jax has a snack box for the car. Or pool. Or beach. 

I even made some for his frands and we delivered them with some 'happies" inside. 

In the south, a "happie" is a small, inexpensive gift that doesn't require a thank-you note. 

- Did you read my Valentines recap blog post

-Oscar went on a hungar strike due to be jealous of Jax. He finally started eating cherrios....but only if they were stale. At one point last week, I literally looked a dog in the eye and asked him how can I serve him and what can I do to make his little weenie dog life better? 

- Jax is eating more and more finger foods, so Oscar will come around during dinner now. I'm waiting for the moment when Jax realizes that Oscar is there for the food and he starts feeding him English Peas. 

- Jax fell off the bed this am and I killed a puppy all before 7am. Oh happy Thursday to me! I called H twice in hysterics and then unloaded on him on how defeated I feel this week. A sweet little puppy ran out in the road on top of a hill. Yall. My heart. 

-My goal today is to NOT cry at work. I MUST keep it together. 

- Lent season is here and I'm already behind. It snuck up on me and I haven't really thought about or prayed about what I should fast on or add to my life. 

Here's to second chances for next week! Amen and Amen. 


  1. My daughter rolled off our bed when she was Jackson's age, too. I was heart broken, made several frantic phone calls and she was just fine. Sure was hard on me though :) Whitney

    1. I am STILL apologizing to him! This morning, he stat on the floor......with pillows around him....and 3 blankets! haha!