Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday......

-I have the sweetest friends that are so patient as they teach me how to use my monogram machine. I've had 2 lessons at my house.....and countless face times. 

A lot of times, I have Face Timed my neighbor at 10 pm. 

PEOPLE! I'm normally in bed with a good hour and a half of sleep behind me at that point. I didn't take a screen shot of Erin laying up in her bed with all of the lights off and only the white of her eyes showing. 

The concept and idea of applying a monogram or appliqué is easy. I understand it 100%. In my mind, I can whip out a burp cloth in a minute. However, you must factor in time of breaking a needle......and your machine eating thread.....and your thread coming out of the needle....etc. etc. etc. 

I have told close friends and family: You get 1 free item. And I choose what it is. And after that, I'm charging you. I'm not as crafty as I like to pretend to be.

-Yesterday, I went to Target and only bought what was on my list......and spent just $22. It's a miracle. I guess you CAN walk out of Target with 2 bags and spend less than $100. 

-Easter weekend, Jax attended a birthday party. Little buddy had so much fun at the party that he fell asleep holding on to the bubbles on the way home: 

I just found the pic on my phone......
And don't you worry, his little seat belts were in the correct position before the car was in reverse! Mama just needed to snap a pic first! 

-This week, I tried to make plans to visit a friend......and we literally said: how does July or August look?

 How do we get so crazy busy?!? How does this happen!?
Our calendar is FULL until July. However, it's all fun stuff that has Jax's name tied to it. I really thought having a baby would slow us down. Joke's on me. 

-I'm participating in a Bible study on Walking by Faith. Chapter 2 is on drawing a line in the sand and moving on. Do you know how hard that is when you are as stubborn as I am? Do you know how hard it is to let the past just be the past? And how to let go and love? 

As Christian women, sometimes we have to say: I was in the wrong and I'm asking for forgiveness and the chance to move forward. However, when the tables are turned, it tends to be so much harder (well, maybe that's just me). 

I have memory loss. Before our last round of IVF, I had to take hormonal meds that actually had a side-effect of memory loss. At first it wasn't that bad, but a month in, I had to leave sticky notes around the house and in my car. I would make notes in my phone as a reminder, etc. Anyway, H jokes and says that I can forget to unplug my curling iron or not be able to remember what I ate for breakfast, but I don't forget any of the details of when I have been 'wronged'. 

I have trouble drawing the line and walking away. Am I alone in this sandbox? Am I the only one that can replay scenes over and over in your mind and just not let it go? 

Progress. I'm making progress people. And when I feel like I'm making progress, I normally update H and expect a pat on the back! ha! I'm so humble. 

Happy Thursday er'body. Tonight is monogram mania night! Last night, I fell asleep watching Winnie the Pooh with the worst little bed fella ever! I really thought kicks in the rib would stop once he was birthed. 

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