Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Baby Favorites.

As a mom to a 1-year old, there are a lot of things that I'm still trying to figure out over here.

Honestly- it was through reading blogs of mom's that helped me pack for my hospital bag, assisted in getting Jax on a schedule and even suggested beginning foods to eat.

So, to pay the bloggy universe back, here's a list of our summer favorites so far.

1. Melissa and Doug Sprinkler.

This sprinkler pretty much creates a splash pad in your back yard. It's large enough 2-3 kids could enjoy it.

2. Aveeno Sunscreen.

We are loyal users to Aveeno products, so this was only fitting.

3. Ear Drops.

Unfortunately, Jax has had 50-11 ear infections and tubes in his ears. This mama doesn't play around with the ears anymore. When Kids Relief mailed us some preventative meds, I jumped for joy. Anything that could potentially keep us out of the ENT's office and stop us from paying his light bill again.......I'm all for. I'm not saying this has the power to keep ear aches away, but I am saying Jax has been in swimming lessons, he went swimming at a lake and even swimming for fun and he hasn't had an ear ache yet. I really hope I don't regret typing out those words. 

4. Goggles.

Kids love anything new. From my personal experience, let your child play with the goggles first, THEN, put them on their face.

5. Good summer sheets. 

If it wasn't enough that my child doesn't look 100% like his dad, his tendencies are spot on. 

Jax gets hot when he sleeps. He gets is honestly. H is like sleeping with an electric blank......which I don't appreciate until it's winter time. H's body temp is so warm that literally during the winter months, we do not sleep with the heat on. 

Sweet baby buddy needs a dark cool room with the perfect sheets in order for a good sleep to commence. 

Bedgear mailed us these and I've been impressed so far. 

So apparently, it wicks away heat & moisture.......and provides air flow.

If you are familiar with Under Armour......it's essentially Under Armour but in sheet form......which is awesome. 

Because the adult sheet sets are $195, they are on my wish list instead of in my shopping cart. I just can't pull the trigger. However, the baby sheets are super affordable at only $35. While your at it, you may as well buy a mattress protector. They deflect the heat and remain cool to the touch. Did you know that you sleep better when you body temperature cools down by 2 degrees?! 

6. Honest Kids Drink Packs. 
These are perfect to take to the pool or lake! They have less sugar than any other juice in the grocery store. People, we are talking 9 grams of sugar here. To put that in perspective, that's less sugar than a squeezable food pack. This is Jax's "treat" on a hot summer day! 

There you have it! Our summer favorites of 2015! 

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