Thursday, July 23, 2015

Survival of the fittest.

Week 1 of Stay-at-Home mom is in the books. Or blog. Whatever. 

Here's my run down:

Monday am- Little buddy and I drank our coffee and surveyed ALL of the projects around the house. We got overwhelmed. 
I sprayed some Comet in the tubs and bathroom sinks and called it clean.

Tuesday pm- This mama froze once again during swim lessons. I even contemplated quitting, but, Jax loves to go underwater to much for me to quit on behalf of him. 

Wednesday am- Splash pad with friends for the long nap time win! 

Thursday am- I'm now realizing that I'm 2 cup-a-day coffee drinker. Thank goodness for Daddy and him participating in swim lessons! 

Friday- H is off from work today, so it will be tag-team parenting for the win. 

Here's what I learned in week 1 of staying at home with my tiny tornado:

1. Jaxman eats 58 times a day. 45 of those times, he shares with Oscar. I literally don't remember the last time we bought dog food. 

2. Oscar hates Jax. And, he hates the fact that he can no longer have  the house to himself for 8 straight hours. Oscar looks at me like: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! AND WHY?!? 9 years of life is really like 87 years of doggie life. Oscar isn't aggressive by no means. He just isn't social and he likes to hide in our closet and under our beds, and he doesn't like to come back inside from his bathroom breaks. Pre-Jax, Oscar would beat down the door to come inside. Now, he treats our backyard like the Garden of Eden. 

3. I'm not ashamed to admit we had a cleaning lady while I was working full time (best money spent ). I have since had to call her and tell her that my husband thinks that during "all of my free time" I can just clean the house now.


Cleaning your house with a toddler is like eating oreos while brushing your teeth. Jax did allow me to clean his room, but it was comical my intranet friends. While I was cleaning out his closet, he was DESTROYING his bedroom. Once the closet was spotless, I closed the door, turned on Elmo Radio on Pandora, sat him in his crib and cleaned his room in 3 minutes flat while he danced. Thankfully, big buddy isn't scared of the vacuum cleaner, so I was able to vacuum as well. With him on my hip. Seriously, who needs a gym when you have a baby?!?

4. It's hot as blazes. If it doesn't involve water or an air conditioner, chances are we are not going. Coming home from swim lessons, Jax screamed for 45 minutes straight because he was hot. So- after I downed a glass of wine to calm my nerves, H insisted we order this for the car (it attaches to your air vent and send it to the back seat):

We embrace being redneck and having EVERYTHING that we own to be rigged up with a zip-tie. 

Granted, it's just week one, but I seriously love this. I feel like I accomplish more as a stay-at-home mom than I did as a working woman. I still write down things I want to complete during the day and mark them off in my planner. I feel more organized in our home and social life. Who knows though, it may have something to do with the 2 cups of coffee that I'm now drinking. 

Oh- and I'm happy to report (only because H reads my blog), I haven't watch Grey's I'm trying to create my routine without it including tv past GMA in the mornings. I have too many projects in the hopper that need to be completed before I can truly savor Dr. McDreamy........and McSteamy. 

So- I'm gonna put this week in the win column even thought both Jax and I ended up with black eyes. Because I'm mom-of-the-year, I'm not really sure how he received his. And my black eye happened due to a stupid bottle of olive oil falling from the pantry shelf and hitting me on my cheek bone. My face literally saved the bottle from shattering on my 'moped by a clorox wipe' kitchen floor. Is it sad that while the bottle was falling, the only thing I could think of was: DANG! If this thing breaks, I'm calling the cleaning lady to come back just 1 more time!!! 

It hurt to smile and yawn for 2 days. And because it's hot as heck and make-up costs money, I didn't even try to cover it up. 

Happy Friday Er'body and cheers for tag-team parenting. And nap time. And sunglasses for blackeyes. And wine. And coffee. And sweet babies that make our homes complete. 

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