Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday: Week 3. This is getting real.

It's 7:30 pm on Wednesday night.....and I'm in bed eating popcorn while Jax is literally snoring over the monitor. Life if good my friends. It's real good. 

Every morning, I wake up with one eye open hoping (and sometimes praying), THIS will be the morning that Big Buddy sleeps past 6:30 am.

Every morning I explain to him that we are not on a schedule anymore and that he can sleep late.
Then, I ask him, "how come when mama had to report to work she had to wake you up at 7 am, and now that mama doesn't have to report ANYWHERE, you wake up at 6ish"?? He smiles then toots. 


I have a confession. 

Earlier in the week, H had an overnight work trip, so it was just me, Jax and the weenie dog. While laying in bed, I looked over to the monitor and saw that my sweet baby boy is no longer a I went and scooped him up and put him in the bed with me. 

He will only be this little once and I just can't stand it. 

This has been a big week for this mama. On Sunday, while dropping Jax off at the nursery, they kicked him out and sent him to the big-kid room. My heart wasn't prepared for that. Had I known that was going to happen, we would have skipped Sunday School so I could sit at home and cry. 

THEN, Jax was moved up to the 1-year old class at school. I should have seen this one coming since he is in fact a year old.......but GEEZ! 

I may have stayed up until midnight on Sunday night making his shirt. 

(To kick this mama while she was tired: spaghetti was served for lunch on day 1. White shirt is now red. Awesome.)

To commemorate this large moment in my mommy life, we celebrated by taking Jax to breakfast at the Waffle House before dropping him off at school. 

Daddy Breakfast

Mama and Jax breakfast

When I asked him to smile for documentation purposes, this is the look he gave me:

And so it begins. Fall family pics should be awesome. 

Jax also became a big cousin this week:

Sweet baby Waylon arrived on Tuesday. I think these 2 are gonna be best buds. 

This is the look he gave when asked about his shirt that I made him to wear during the festivities:

Mamas: I'm exhausted...........and I have help! I'll be the first to admit, our life is much busier than what I expected. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect, but we are full speed. 
Bless you mamas who don't live close to family or have school options for your babies or have more than 1 baby! 

You are my hero. 


  1. We need to discuss the font that you are using on these shirts...then we need to do an applique email swap. I don't have the frog and apple but I'm sure I have a gazillion for halloween you need...let me have my email i think.