Thursday, November 12, 2015

Round 2: Dallas, Day 4

Day 4 about did me in with the exercises. 

I think I burned more calories than I took in. 

Today was the day I realized, I'm a 100% boy mom. 
Today, I was in my child's element. 

Dinosaurs and the great outdoors. 

BFF Katie located a natural woods sanctuary that had a dinosaur exhibit. My child was in heaven. Granted, the sanctuary pretty much looked like Greene County. I kept thinking my dad and brother would have a shooting blind popped up in a minute in this place. 

The dinosaurs would move and make noises which was comical to my big buddy. I have a video of him literally laughing at a dinosaur "growling." Do they growl?? What do they really do??

Because best frands need matching shirts! Clearly Jax is thrilled about this! 
Auntie Katie is the best and she provided our picnic lunch. When you are living in an 800 square foot home with no groceries, you rely on your frand. 

This was probably one of Jax's favorite days. He got to run free and enjoy the weather with a Sonic "nack" afterwards. 

After we recharged our batteries, the mama's hit up Ann Taylor. Because all stay at home moms need career clothes. We just can't stop it.  

We dined at Blue Masa for dinner. Essentially, it's a swanky mexican restaurant that is good. Jax wasn't impressed with his tacos, but, don't take culinary advice from a 1 year old. This is the same little dud that is temped by dog food everyday. 

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Just in case you need a recap. 

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