Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015. Part 1.

This post may be a little all over the place, and I apologize for that. However, it's 11:40 on Christmas Eve and the 3 cups of coffee that I've had today are REALLY kicking me right now. The weather made me want to crawl in bed and sleep for 3 hours. But, I couldn't do that because I'm a mom. And it's Christmas Eve. 

To start our festivities, we attended our church's candlelight and communion service. Since we were all dressed up, I declared that family photos need to happen. 

Photo #1, Jax:
Well, this may be a little too easy! He sat down and put his hands in his lap and was an angel baby. 

Pic #2, Daddy and Jax:
I mean, this is just too easy. 
I literally snapped 1 pic of them. 

Pic #3, Mommy and Jax:

THIS happened. 

So we tried again.......
Well, now I'm just mad. 

1. Apparently my hubs can't focus a camera. 
2. My child is melting after taking only 3 pics. 
3. I'm wearing a super cute new dress that obviously H doesn't care about. 

Merry. Christmas. Let's go to church and worship baby Jesus. 

After all of that, I did end up with these 2 gems. 

Still no dress. 

Seriously H....I'm wearing high heels! Can we get a glimpse of those? Also- this photo shows my love of sticks. 

It would be easier to baptize a cat than to corral a 1.5 year old during a church service where childcare isn't provided. I pulled out my bag of tricks within the first 5 minutes of the service. 

- M&M's
- crayons and book

But of course, my child wanted the writing pen and was upset he couldn't see. 

By the time we made it back to the car, H looked at me and said, "well, Jesus knew we had good intentions."

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  1. Happy Christmas, these are really good clicks. Loved it, you seems to have good time and why not, the time you spend with your family is best time