Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Life in Memes.

Sometimes you find "photos" that speak to you. 

You can relate to them. 

You realize they are you. 

If you want to further understand me, just keep strolling. 

I'm funny about my coffee though. I'm sorta a coffee snob. This is what I need to function in the mornings. And Jesus. I need Jesus too. 

This. Is. Me. 
I love a good XL sweatshirt. 
However, living in South MS, we only wear sweatshirts for 5 minutes for 1 day in January. 

I really didn't feel this way until I had a child. 
I think I should carry around an umbrella everyday. 
After you have a child, you tend to have a zero tolerance for stupid. However, in the midst of your zero tolerance, you realize that you are surrounded. Therefore, bring on the umbrella. Just.Like.Brittany. 

Heaven Help. Er'day. 

I just love memes with funny kids! 

Ummm.....hello Will Garnder from The Good Wife. I may have cried when he died. 

I do this every.single.day. 
When I showed this meme to my man, he laughed so hard and said it's ME! 

True Story: I literally had 2 knives at the kitchen sink today. 

I'm so glad that it's finally "legging" season. 

I realize that "leggings never lie".......but let me tell 'ya.....I don't dress to impress while I'm buying the ingredients for pb&js in the Kroger. Gimme some leggings and a sweatshirt and THIS sista is happy. 

The older I become, the more and more and more and more this is me. 

I have my daily routine that includes quiet time. And I LOVE it, and frankly need it. I also include a jam session with Adele which makes me realize that I sound just.like.her. 

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