Monday, November 24, 2008

Vacation: Day 1

Greetings from The Biltmore Estate!!

Hunter and I are celebrating our 1-year anniversary this week. Our anniversary was August 25th, however, we opted out of doing gifts then and decided to take a vacay. And what a much needed vacay this is! Last night we split up our trip by staying in Birmingham with Hunter's fam (and left Oscar with them....both Oscar and his grandparents are LOVING it)!! This morning, we started the day off right with a breakfast for champions from Krispy Kreme and then drove for what seemed for hours!! We stopped at an outlet mall in Georgia for a "quick stop" and 2 hours back on the road. However, I did put a big dent in my Christmas shopping and my wallet. After arriving in Asheville...we had a great dinner in their historic village and did the tourist thing. Due to rain, we were unable to walk the streets, but here are some pics that I snapped tonight. There will be many many more pics tomorrow!

This is the entrance of the Biltmore...

P.S. Mom & Dad...thanks again for the camera!


  1. We loved the Biltmore when we went for our Honeymoon. We were there for the Christmas season also, and it is just beautiful. YOu have to do the behind the scene tour at the estate, it will help you when doing to walking tour.

    Greg and I loved the winery and the tour you can do there. There is also a carriage ride you can do from the INN on the Biltomre.

    Oh and this sounds strange but check out the McDonald's in Ashville its right before the entrance to the estate grounds.. it was featured on Food Network for being the "most fancy" Mc in the US. It looks like the Biltomre on the inside.

  2. Justin is so jealous that we are not there right now too!