Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vaccation: Day 2

What a busy busy day!

We started off our day later than what we wanted, but it had iced over last night and we had to let things melt and warm up before we visited the Biltmore. We toured The Biltmore, had lunch at The Stable Cafe', participated in a wine tasting, toured behind the scenes of the winery and had dinner in downtown Asheville. Here are some of the hundred pics that I took today. Hope you enjoy!!

The fountain on the front lawn....

My attempt of photo journalism......

Thanks mom and dad for the camera! I'm lovin' it!!

This is the new home that Hunter and I bought up from Fannie May...... That government of ours....it's just so darn giving! They'll give a loan to anyone....for anything! Can't wait for them to bail us out of our mortgage! Or better yet...we can't wait for Obama to get in office and issue a stimulus check.....that can pay our light bill for our new home!

The wine cellar.....the winery use to be a diary farm...now it's a winery and wine cellar! It's amazing!
The Biltmore seal on their wine barrels.....

The wine barrels....can you believe these barrels cost $800 each and they only use them 3 times before cutting them in half and using them for a flower pots!! The cheapest barrel they buy cost $200. They put White Zin in those.....did you know that White Zin is started off like red wine....they just separate the liquid from the seeds and skin quicker then red wine. And.....white wine has no skin or seeds in them....it's strictly liquid.

This is Conrad....he is the protector of the house! Man....if he could talk!! I bet he could tell us some stories!

What a good but exhausting day! We are killing our self trying to take it all in and explore everything that we can!

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