Tuesday, January 13, 2009

God and His Chill Pills!

Yesterday I was in a funk. There is no other way to describe it. I just needed a pity party....so, I threw myself one with Oscar, popcorn, my favorite blanket and the heat blasting in the house.

If you know me....you know that I am a planner. That's what I do. Literally, for money....I plan. I can plan your wedding in 1-3 days (depending on the bride). Generally brides like to pro-long their planning, so we do so. I planned out my entire college career while in high school. I registered for wedding gifts within the first 24 hours of being engaged. I plan our dinner menu a week in advance (if I were to die tomorrow, Hunter would be covered on meals until Sunday). I have already bought 4 Christmas gifts for next year, a couple of birthday gifts, wedding shower gifts, a mothers-day gift and I have gifts in mind. Ok...back to my funk and I think you get the point. On any given day....I can tell you my future.

However, God has shown me a few things these last couple of days. Yesterday, God gave me a chill pill. Hunter and I have some major decisions that we are thinking of and wondering what road to take......and I can't figure them out. Do we go right?? Left?? or stay straight on our journey?? While my "map" isn't as detailed as I want it to be......I know we are in good hands.

Last night I went to bed very uneasy and still moped around today.....God has been telling me ALL DAY....that he is God and that I need to be still. I can not tell you how many times he has told me the simple phrase: "Be still and know I am God." How powerful is that!!! He is God. Don't worry. Don't plan. Don't cry because you can't figure it out. Don't get your panties in a wad because you don't have anything to write in your planner. Just be still. Let him speak. Let him be your Tom-Tom. Well, while listening to God repeat his words over and over to me all day.......it hit me at dinner. I was still and God spoke. His chill pill kicked in. God gave me/Hunter enough of his plan to satisfy my urning to plan! Isn't God funny!

Be Still and Know I am God. Simple sentence......HUGE meaning.

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  1. Meg,

    This post is such a good reminder and just what I needed to read after a long work day. Alex and I are facing decisions and changes as well and it is always so wonderful to be reminded to just "Be still, and know the He is God"!!