Friday, January 16, 2009

God has Humor!

Yesterday was quite the day! God is still teaching me to be still....and know he is God. And then....when I'm really still, he will reveal things to me such as:

1. Yesterday, while lying in the guest bathroom floor (I was sick yesterday....all you need to know)...anyway, back to me on the floor. In my most still moment of the day.....God revealed to me that I have 2 different bathroom rugs. When I say different....I mean, both are brown, but they each have 2 different distinct features. I NEVER KNEW!! I have lived in my home for almost 2 years! During dinner I told Hunter about this....and his sweet reply...."don't you sweep and mop in there." YES!! I do! However, when I do that....I have a million things on my I just sweep and I just mop. I don't compare rugs and their texture! I wanna give a big shout out to God to the special moment we had yesterday! Now I need a new rug!

2. Hunter and I received some bad news yesterday. Without getting in everything.....I just ask for your prayers. I thought about not even posting about this.....however, I know that prayer is a powerful thing. So, here's the deal. You pray for us by asking God what direction he wants us to go in and for PATIENCE....and then when he shows us his path....we'll revisit this topic.

3. In the midst of tears. Ok, that doesn't actually describe it. In the midst of tears running down a face of NO MAKEUP.....the kind of tears that bring a runny nose and such.....the kind of tears you can't phone rings. Generally I wouldn't answer it, however, it's my aunt that never calls me. So, I thought it was strange....therefore I answered. She called to tell me that she found my graduation card that she had bought for me but lost. I graduated in 2005!! So, we laughed a moment...and I reminded her to give me anymore wedding gifts she may have for us....and then she read the card! My tears turned into a NATURAL DISASTER!! They were so bad that Oscar ran as fast as his little legs would let him and he jumped in my lap to attack me with kisses (or licks...depending on how you see it). The more Aunt Lisa talked....the more I cried ( or waled....again, depending on how you see it). I so needed to hear those words of encouragement. I was exhausted...and yet our battle hasn't even begun.

4. At the close of our LONG day......I immediately get into my planning mode. I ran a few options by Hunter....and here we go.

When life throws make lemonade. (by the end of the day, I'll have a stand in the front yard!)

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