Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good 'Ol Dave

Abigail, this post is for you!

Hunter and I do the Dave Ramsey plan. It's WONDERFUL! We have NEVER fussed over money. We know what to do......well, how about we know what to expect. We live by our budget every month and stick to it. Doing Dave has saved us money. Thanks Dave!

Our sweet friends Abigail and Justin McMillen put us on Dave. They are HUGE Dave fans.....and they got us started.

So, every month....I go to the bank and start our envelopes. I have an envelope for EVERYTHING! My mom makes fun of our envelopes......but, they work. I have to do envelopes, otherwise I would think my debit card is unlimited (which is how I lived before Hunter). Before Hunter, I may have been hungry, but I looked fabulous! New hair-dos, new BCBG shoes, Coach name it....I bought it or charged it! Hunter......put that to a halt! No more just looking at my bank account and then saying that I just balanced it. Nope! Hunter knows where every penny goes. Talk about opposites attracting!

Back to the story.....every month I go to the bank. Same bank. Same teller. Well, today she cracked me up! While filling 7 envelopes....she asked me if everything was ok. I said, sure. I'm fine....why do you ask? She asked me why I was taking out my money (I don't think tellers can really ask that....but, I went with it). Like I was running from the law....or leaving my husband.....or going to Mexico! It cracked me up.
Right there in the bank.....I witnessed to her.....Dave Ramsey style. I explained to her the steps and importance of Dave and the emergency fund and the envelopes! By the end of our convo....I think I converted her.

Dave and Abigail would be so happy!!

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  1. So cool that you are spreading DAVE! We are so proud! Justin says you should email that to Dave who would also be so proud!