Thursday, January 22, 2009

Katie's Christmas Shower....

Here are some pics from Katie's Christmas Shower at Mom's home. Mom's friends were making fun of her for keeping up Christmas until Jan. 10th! Thanks mom for taking one for the team!!

You have to love Katie's reaction to her cake!! PRECIOUS! A sweet family friend who makes cakes and caters on the side made the red velvet cake for the shower...can you only cost $25! $25...I tell you no lie!! I think Katie's mouth was dropping due to the fact it cost $25....
Katie's bridesmaids minus her sister....Amy.

Yes...we only had punch to drink!!

In all of our we are...The 3 Musketeers...and their diamonds!

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  1. Meg, tell your mom that I beat her in the contest of "how long can I leave my Christmas decorations up." I took mine down on the
    24th...and that is only because my mother-in-law kept me motivated to get them down before she left! Otherwise, we would still be celebrating Christmas at the Smiths.